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Spanish GCSE - Unit 5 - Los trabajos

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Dear Sir
Muy Señor mío
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I am writing to you to...
Me dirijo a Ud, para...
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I attach...
Le adjunto...
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I await your reply
quedo a su disposición
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yours sincerely
le saluda atentamente
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What have you studied at school?
¿Qué ha estudiado usted en el instituto?
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Why do you want to be a...?
¿Por qué quiere ser...?
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What work experience do you have?
¿Qué experiencia laboral tiene usted?
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Do you like to work with...?
¿Le gusta trabajar con...?
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Are you interested in a job with responsibilities?
¿Le interesa tener un puesto con responsabilidades?
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Have you worked in a team before?
¿Ha trabajado en equipo antes?
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What qualities do you have?
¿Qué cualidades tiene usted?
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What's your email address?
¿Cuál es su correo electrónico?
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I want to be... because it's important to...
quiero ser... porque es importante...
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I love...
me encanta(n)
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I am interested in...
me interesa(n)
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I am fascinated by...
me fascina(n)
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earn a good salary
ganar un buen sueldo
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speak languages
hablar idiomas
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do a creative/responsible/useful job
hacer un trabajo creativo/responsable/útil
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have a job with a lot of variety
tener un trabajo con mucha variedad
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work in a team
trabajar en equipo
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work alone
trabajar solo/a
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I have learnt...
He aprendido...
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I have sung...
He cantado...
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I have answered the phone
He contestado al teléfono
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I have writen letters
He escrito cartas
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I have spoken foreign languages
Ha hablado idiomas extranjeros
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I have played football
He jugado al fútbol
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I have sent emails
He mandado correos
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I have worked as...
He trabajado como...
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I have translated...
He traducido...
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I have used teh internet/Word/PowerPoint/Excel
He usado Internet/Word/PowerPoint/Excel
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What matters most/least to me is...
Lo que más/menos me importa es...
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I am interested in...
me interesa...
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the job
el puesto
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the salary
el sueldo
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having responsibilities
tener responsabilidades
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Card 2


Me dirijo a Ud, para...


I am writing to you to...

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Le adjunto...


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quedo a su disposición


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le saluda atentamente


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