The November revolution

when was the November revolution ?
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What is the November revolution also called?
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Where was the first Naval mutiny when sailors refused to obey orders ?
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When was the Naval mutiny in Wilhelmshaven (not an obvious date)?
28th October 1918
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The Mutiny spread, what did Sailors do in Kiel?
Mutilated against their officers and took control of Navel base
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When was this Mutiny in Keil ?
3rd November
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What happened on the 4th of November 1918?
Revolt spreads to the city - creation of soviets, not listening to authority
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When was a republic proclaimed in Bavaria and the Bavaria monarchy disposed?
8th November 1918
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What did the SPD do on the 9th of November?
Called on the workers in Berlin to join a general strike to force the kaiser to abdicate
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That did the SPD threaten to do if Kaiser didn't abdicate in 24hrs?
Withdraw from Baden's gov
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What statement did Baden release on the 9th of November?
That the Kaiser had abdicated and that he reigned
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Who was he replaced by ?
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Who informed the Army would not fight for the Kaiser so he was forced to abdicate?
General Groener
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When was the Ebert-Groener pact?
10th NOV
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When was the Armistice signed with the Allies ?
11th November 1918
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When was the Stinnes Legion pact?
15th Nov
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Give 3 dates of when communist revolts were suppressed by the Army
6th, 23th, 24th of Dec
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Why were the German people angry?
They thought they were going to win the war due to censored media and suffered extreme hardships due to blockades
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What did they see the Kaiser as when Baden asked for an armistice?
a key obstacle of peace
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What caused the strikes in Germany ?
Kaisers refusal to abdicate
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What other 2 things were causes of the strikes in Berlin ?
Fear of Communism so the SPD called for the strikes and took fast and drastic action by demanding the Kaiser to abdicate and Wilsons call for democracy
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Why in the name of peace did the Kaiser have to abdicate?
Wilson would only serve a truce if they introduced a fully democratic system - but Kaiser refused and thus, caused a revolt
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What was the caused of mutiny?
Soldiers losing respect for their officer s
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Changes caused by the November revolution
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Germany was now a democratic republic, what had it gone from ?
German federal constitutional monarchy
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Provide evidence of hate for the now government?
Called the November criminals
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What were the SPD ?
The largest power in the Reichstag
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What did the power shift show?
the power of the German people
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Name the 2 individuals gone and who was the new Army General?
Kaiser and Ludendorff
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Relations to the November revolution
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What was the vernal option of the W/C with the change ?
Generally happy
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Why is this?
The SPD in charge had a focus of improve thing for the W/C
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What means they now have more of a voice?
They can now vote
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What did a lot of soviet unions and workers also take part in showing support for revolution ?
They took part in the revolution
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Give reason of why some Mittelsand were happy with the new changes?
Realisation of food shortages, know the hairs of the way like family and friends dying
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However, provide 1 reason of why some were not happy with the changes ?
Some unhappy, not being bale to work
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Why were Nationalists unhappy?
Did not win the war
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Why we're perhaps Nationalists happy ?
the blame for the wars end was placed in SPD politicians and the resentment was not on them
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Why we're industrialists unhappy by the November revolution?
They lost out because of workers protesting and the SPD supported workers rights
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Why we're Junkers unhappy ?
Their power was lost and there was a are democratic government so were no longer in charge
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Where was the first Naval mutiny when sailors refused to obey orders ?


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