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2. What were the social impacts of the Terror?

  • Friends and family of the victims were likely to become victims themselves and social bonds of friendship breakdown due to fear
  • More people attended social events to console those who had lost a family member to the purges.
  • Frienship broke down because propaganda said people were better when they were independent
  • Families of the victims gained compensation

3. Who took over as head of the NKVD after vagoda?

  • Beria
  • Stalin
  • Yezhov
  • Yagoda

4. What were the main causes of the purges?

  • Stalin's personality, the Ryutin platform, the Congress of Victors and the murder of Kirov
  • Kirov's death and the peasant revolts
  • Stalin's personality, the Congress of Victors and Ryutin's death
  • The Ryutin platform, the Congress of Victors and Stalin's death

5. Who took over control of the NKVD after Yezhov in 1938?

  • Ryutin
  • Yagoda
  • Beria
  • Stalin


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