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2. Who were killed in the Trial of the 16?

  • Zinoviev and Kamenev
  • Radek
  • Bukharin
  • Yezhov

3. Who were killed in the Trial of the 17?

  • Lenin
  • Radek and Sokolnikov
  • Zinoviev and Kamenev
  • Trotsky

4. What were the social impacts of the Terror?

  • Families of the victims gained compensation
  • More people attended social events to console those who had lost a family member to the purges.
  • Friends and family of the victims were likely to become victims themselves and social bonds of friendship breakdown due to fear
  • Frienship broke down because propaganda said people were better when they were independent

5. What were the results of the Purges?

  • Social control but a lack of political control
  • Lacklustre economy, decimation of the armed forces and social and political control of society
  • Decimation of the armed forces and people as well as mass famine
  • Booming economy, decimation of the people, political control


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