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encryption is the use of
scrabbling messages to only be unscrambled with a key
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keyword cipher
the word with form the first part of encryption with others being alphabetical
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caesar cipher
changes the letters by turns of letters
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number replacement
as it says
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types of malware
virus, trojan horse and spyware
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social engineering
phishing, shoulderin, pharming
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types of attack
DDos, worm, brute force, blagging
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packet sniffing
network management use it to detect errors in "packets" moving
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how can packet sniffing be used for black hat
to pull out passwords and user names
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SQL injection is
vulnerabilities of passwords like 1=1
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SQL injection can be prevented by
the change on password code to keep all type in as a variable
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white hat hacker
someone hired to use vulnerabilities and repair them in websites
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black hat hacker
someone who hacks for their benefit
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brown hat hacker
hacks for the benefit of others (anonymous)
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network forensics
main use of packet sniffing to make sure operation is running normally
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penetration testing
using people to hack to test your network vulnerability
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anti malware software
detects out of place software to prevent it from digging into code
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program put in place to stop unwanted code
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user access level
amount that can be shown against people to allow what they can see
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can delete or corrupt data
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trojan horse
disguised attack e.g nigerian prince dead
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uses holes to replicate nd slow down band width
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designed to extract information
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social engineering
uses fake sights or emails to get people on boared
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uses zombie computers to block other networks to collect information
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brute force
guessing username and passwords
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keyword cipher


the word with form the first part of encryption with others being alphabetical

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caesar cipher


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number replacement


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types of malware


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