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2. Which rule of interpretation is the Purposive Approach similar to?

  • Mischief Rule
  • Literal Rule
  • Golden Rule
  • Expressio unius exclusion alterius

3. What rule of language translates to 'of the same kind'?

  • Ejusdem Generis
  • Expressio unius exclusion alterius
  • Noscitur a sociis
  • Regula lingua

4. What case used to support Ejusdem Generis involves betting?

  • Powell v Kempton Park Racecourse
  • Fisher v Bell (1961)
  • Inhabitants of Sedgeley (1837)
  • Muir v Keay (1975)

5. What is a case used to support the Literal Rule involving voting?

  • Whiteley v Channell (1868)
  • Whiteley v Chappell (1868)
  • Fisher v Bell (1961)
  • Lightly v Chappell (1868)


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