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2. Which parts of the cell to animal and plant cells share?

  • Chloroplasts and nuclei
  • Nuclei, cell membranes, cytoplasm, ribosomes and mitochondria
  • Nuclei, mitochondria and vacuoles
  • Cytoplasm, cell membranes, cell walls and ribosomes

3. Which of these is not a viral disease?

  • Polio
  • Salmonella
  • Flu

4. Why are viruses so difficult to kill?

  • They are specialised to be resistant to the human immune system
  • They adapt to their surroundings so quickly
  • They are not alive or dead
  • They use cells as meat sheilds

5. Which of these is an example of smooth muscles?

  • Biceps
  • Chris Hemsworth's pectorals
  • Cardiac muscles
  • Abdominal muscles


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