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2. Which of these is not a use for stem cells?

  • Fertility treatment
  • Rebuilding damaged bones/cartilige
  • Preventing cancer
  • Making new brain cells or people with Parkinson's

3. What are the main types of pathogens?

  • Poison and venom
  • Airborne diseases and STDs
  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Colds and flu

4. What is inside the vacuole?

  • Sap
  • Water
  • The nucleus
  • A secret society composed entirely of bedbugs

5. Why are chloroplasts important?

  • The chlorophyll inside them absorbs light, which is vital for photosynthesis
  • They use energy from respiration to synthesise amino acids
  • They give the cell its shape
  • They tell the cell what to do


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