Spanish - Buying Presents - Yr 8.

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¿Que compras para...?
What are you buying for...?
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tu hermano mayor
your elder brother
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tu hermano menor
you younger brother
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tu abuelo/a
your grandfather/grandma
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le/les compro...
I'm buying him/her/them...
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un regalo
a present
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una gorra
a hat
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una camiseta
a t-shirt
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una caja de chocolates
a box of chocolates
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una caja de caramelos
a box of sweets
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una caja de galletas
a box of bicuits
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una caja de té
a box of tea
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una llavero
a key ring
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un teléfono móvil
a mobile phone
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una pluma
a fountain pen
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un CD (de música clásica)
a (classical) CD
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gel de baño perfumado
some scented bath gel
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un vídeo
a video
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Card 2


tu hermano mayor


your elder brother

Card 3


tu hermano menor


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Card 4


tu abuelo/a


Preview of the front of card 4

Card 5


le/les compro...


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