Spain vs. Elizabeth

Hanging of Edmund Campion
1581 a Catholic Jesuit priest who was running an underground catholic service
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Elizabeth's excommunication

Declared a protestant Heretic
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Why did England and Spain have rising tension
England had become a protestant country under Elizabeth's rule

Elizabeth denied Prince Philip II's marriage proposal

Throckmorton plot + others

Hanging of Edmund Campion and Catholic priest
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Why couldn't England trade with mainland Europe
Spain had conquered the Netherlands and blocked off English trade routes
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Why couldn't England trade in the New World
Spain had a monopoly in the new world. Countries required a licence (issued by spain) to be allowed to trade
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John Hawkins
1562 - 1564.
Sold african slaves in america without a licence from Spain
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Francis Drake's circumnavigation
1577 - 1580
First Englishman and second person in the world to circumnavigate the earth

Captured the spanish ship Cacafuego holding £140,000 worth of treasure

Returned to england with estimated £400,000 worth of Spanish treasure
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How did Elizabeth reward Drake
Upon his return she knighted him on the deck of his ship The Golden Hind
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How was England's relationship with France in the 1570s
Elizabeth pursued friendly relations with the french

1570s offered marriage alliance with the Duke of Alencon (heir to the french throne)

France surrounded by Spanish territory except north
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Mutiny in the Netherlands
Spanish government in the Netherlands nearing bankruptcy due to english privateers attacking ships holding treasure. Spanish soldiers left unpaid.
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Sacking of Antwerp
November 1576

Catholic and Protestant Dutch provinces join together against Spain
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Pacification of Ghent
a document that expelled all Spanish troops from the Netherlands
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How did Elizabeth aid the Dutch rebels
Loaned £100,000 to the rebels and agreed to send and expeditionary force to carry out Pacification of Ghent

6000 mercenaries to aid the Dutch rebels after another attack from Spain 1577 with John Casimir
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Why was 1584 a turning point in anglo-spanish relations
Death of the Duke of Alencon

Assassination of William of Orange (Leader of the Dutch Rebels)

Treaty of Joinville
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Treaty of Joinville

French Catholic League signed with Prince Philip II to secure his help against French Protestants
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What was wrong with the Spanish Armada Plans
The commander was the Duke of Medina-Sidonia who had no maritime experience

Assumption of no opposition from English Navy, only brought weapons for the final land attack
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What had delayed the Spanish Armada for a week at the Dutch Coast
Duke of Parma was not prepared, he had thought the Armada would arrive a week later
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Fire Ships
Francis Drake sent 8 burning ships targeted at the waiting armada scattering the crescent formation and weakening the armada
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The battle of Gravelines
English fired constantly at the Spanish ships causing huge amounts of damage. The english chased the Armada away.
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Weather during the Spanish Armada
There was a huge storm that left many of the ships shipwrecked around the coast of britain. Some survivors were slaughtered by the scots and the Irish.
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Attack on Cadiz
in 1587 Drake destroyed 30 spanish ships by looting them and setting them of fire.
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Small english ships made for battle, faster and could fire more
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1588 was a turning point
Mary QoS wad dead

Henry of Navarre, a protestant was the heir to the French throne

Queen was praised as a Gloriana
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Why did the Spanish Armada fail?

The English had better Ships

Spanish supplies

Lack of deepwater ports

English tactics
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Elizabeth's excommunication



Declared a protestant Heretic

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Why did England and Spain have rising tension


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Why couldn't England trade with mainland Europe


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