Some Like It Hot Quotes

"Men who..."
"wear glasses are so much more sweet and helpless."
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"Daphne, you're..."
"Leading again."
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"Jerry leans forward..."
"to get a better view of Sugar's backfield in motion."
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"We could borrow..."
"Some clothes from the girls in the chorus."
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"If there's one thing..."
"I admire, it's a girl with shapely ankles."
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"No guy..."
"is worth it."
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"lots of scantily..."
"clad women in sleeper, sugar comes out of bed backside first."
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"When Sugar and Junior kiss..."
"she is above him, she initiates it, she takes up most of the shot, we only see her face."
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"but she..."
"is being manipulated..."
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"They use the compact..."
"to find the mafia - feminine power!"
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"When Joe wears the..."
"bellhop clothes, they don't really fit, and he is still wearing the high heels."
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"The only tie Joe..."
"kisses Sugar he is dressed as a woman, and we don't see either of their faces"
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"Boat shot..."
"equal two shot, not shot vs shot, Sugar runs/cycles = active, kisses Joe, moves into his half of the shot (Isn't saved because she goes back to the sax player)/"
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"Jerry gets..."
"Osgood's male gaze, even though he now looks like a man."
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"Sugar looks directly..."
"into the camera during 'I Wanna Be Loved By You' also her body is in shadow, her face in the light."
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"Daphne, you're..."


"Leading again."

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"Jerry leans forward..."


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"We could borrow..."


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"If there's one thing..."


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