Sociology Youth Culture Theorists

Marxism - Sivanandan
Youth are resisting racism not just capitalism. eg. youth subcultures; rude boys, ska
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Marxism - Brake
Youth culture is an illusion. Everyone goes through it but we all end up like our parents.
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Marxism- Hebdige
Punks- Bricolage(new objects out of old thibngs) Blank generation, no future due to no money/class
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Marxism- Cohen
Skin heads- Exagerated masculinity
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Marxism- Hall and Jefferson
Teddy boys-dress like middle class(social superiors) Young people are hard to control because of their lack of responsibilities.
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Functionalism- Eisenstadt
Move from ascribed to achieved status
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Functionalism- Durkheim
Part of secondary socialisation. Helps us bind to value concensus
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Functionalism- Roszak
The gap between generations is bigger than the gap between class or gender etc.
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Functionalism- Murchoch and McCron
Youth culture is a generation in itself
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Functionalism- Parsons
Youth culture is bridge from childhood to adulthood. Rite of passage.
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Subcultural - Miller
Different classes has different focal concerns
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Subcultural - Merton
Strain theory, how youth respond
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Subcultural- Cloward and Ohlin
Blocked opportunites
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Subcultural- Matza
Youth drift in and out of delinquency (working class)
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Gender- Lee
Girls are seen as sexual objects and girlfriends
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Gender- Abbott and Wallace
Girls are more controlled by their parents more than boys and they don't have as much freedom
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Gender- Harris
Girls are portrayed in 2 ways. Vunrable and girl power.
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Gender- McRobbie and Garber
Bedroom culture. Girls don't want to be negatively labelled
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Gender- Mac an Ghail
Status frustration, crisis of masculinity
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Gender- Campbell
Warped masculinity
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Gender- Jackson
Ladettes, girls are more masculine and less girly
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Gender- Blackman
New age girls reject femininity (don't act girly)
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Gender- Smart
Girls have limited freedom
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Gender- Heindensohn
Women are controlled
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Post modernism- Widdicombe and Woofitt
Youth cultures have no fixed meanings
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Post modernism- Bauman
There are no coherent structures in life because it's too complex
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Post modernism- Roberts
Pick and mix culture. Young people pick and choose their style.
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Post modernism-Maffesoli
Youth culture have been replaced by neo tribes
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Post modernism- Muncie
Young people are conformists, they copy others eg. peers and media
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Post modernism- Chatterton and Holland
When youths go out clubbing they only seek to have fun and socialise, not just to get drunk.
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Marxism - Brake


Youth culture is an illusion. Everyone goes through it but we all end up like our parents.

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Marxism- Hebdige


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Marxism- Cohen


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Marxism- Hall and Jefferson


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An amazing set of flashcards which are great to test knowledge and understanding of the key theorists within that unit. Brilliant !

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