Sociology Key Terms

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1. Define civil religion.

  • The collective sentiments in society
  • Events that aren't religious but carry the same functions and sentiments
  • Consuming religion in the same way you do a product
  • Religion inside individual countries
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2. What does 'ideology' mean?

  • Ideas
  • Oppressive values
  • A set of ideas that legitimates the power of a group
  • Policies of a political party

3. Define 'polytheistic'.

  • Religions defined by characteristics
  • Non-religious groups
  • Relgions based around gods
  • Religions based around more than one god

4. Define 'secularisation'.

  • The decline of religious belief
  • The fall in church attendance
  • Science dominating religion
  • Religious institutions become less engaged with the state

5. The name for things that aren't religious.

  • Anti-Theist
  • Civil religion
  • Profane
  • Normal things


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