Sociology Key Terms

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1. What is 'disengagement'?

  • Where religious institutions become less engaged with wider aspects ofsocial life
  • The decline of religious belief
  • The population become disenchanted with the idea of religion
  • Seeing the failures in science
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2. Self-denying.

  • Calvinism
  • Ascetic
  • Profane
  • Oppressive

3. What are definitions that focus on religion's effect on society?

  • Polythetic definitions
  • Marxist definitions
  • Functional definitions
  • Substantive definitions

4. What is a substantive definition?

  • Definitions that focus on the role religion plays for society
  • An attempt to define religion by characteristics
  • An attempt to explain what religion really is
  • Terms for beliefs that give meaning to the world

5. What was enlightenment?

  • The period of being enlightened
  • Associated with 19th century where reason became leading principle
  • Associated with 18th century where reason became leading principle
  • The decline in religious belief


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