Sociology Religion Theorists

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1. Who said women are more religious because they are passive, obedient and caring - the qualities valued by religions.

  • Glock and Stark
  • Miller and Hoffman
  • Davie
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2. Secularisation is the result of "rationalisation". After the Protestant Reformation God is seen as trancedent. Science was the new explanation - Disenchantment.

  • Parsons
  • Weber (3)
  • Bruce

3. Who says hegemony is never garunteed and the working class may create a "counter-hegemony"?

  • Gramsci (1)
  • Wilson (1)
  • Robin Gill

4. What percentage of hollistic mileu participants were female as found by the Kendal Project?

  • 80%
  • 70%
  • 85%

5. Who says religion does not always function as an effective ideology, e.g. no effect on pre-capitalist peseants

  • El Saadawi
  • Abercrombie and Turner
  • Armstrong


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