Social Psychology

Membership Groups
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Reference Groups
groups whose values are agreed with by a person who is NOT a member
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Normative Conformity
to be like the group; to fit in; to be accepted
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Informational Conformity
when you're unsure; may think people are more sure and look to them
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private opinion becomes consistent with public opinion
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the person conforms publicly but privately disagrees
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a tendency to behave like the rest of the group
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following orders
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Factors affecting obedience
Proximity, touch proximity, remote authority, peers (according to Milgram's experiments)
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Agency Theory
People in a particular situation see themselves as agents of authority. The authority is responsible
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Just World Hypothesis
Belief that everyone gets what they deserve
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Authoritarian Personality
People who are obedient to a higher authority but aggressive to a lower power
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Gradual commitment
Having started, you just continue
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Independent Behaviour
People who resist social influence
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Factors affecting Independent Behaviour
Situation (Venue, Proximity, Low Authority, Expertise) & Personality (Confidence, Social Responsibility)
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Internal Locus of control
you are in control of your own circumstances (Choice)
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External Locus of control
you have little control over your own circumstances (Luck/Fate)
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Conditions for minority influence
Consistency, Subtlety, Flexibility, Autonomy
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Social Impact Theory
Conformity is dependant on Strength, Status, Immediacy
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The Snowball Effect
people with minority views set up reference groups, the group becomes bigger anymore accepted in society, they can change social views.
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Reference Groups


groups whose values are agreed with by a person who is NOT a member

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Normative Conformity


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Informational Conformity


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