Social psychology

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What is social psychology?
The scientific study of people's attitudes, beliefs and behaviours in the context of their social environment
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What is the overconfidence bias?y
A tendency to over-estimate one's accuracy/ability
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What is social perception?
Forming an impression of a person
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What is the primacy effect?
Being affected by the first set of information that becomes available to you
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What are schemas?
Cognitive structures that summarize the world and your previous experiences, they affect your focus of attention etc
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What is the perceiver's implicit personality theory?
A belief in how certain personal characteristics operate or are related
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Why is social perception affected by the perceiver's psychological needs?
There is a need to protect one's self worth
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What is impression management?
Creating and maintaining the desired public self
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What is does a high self-monitorer do?
They are sensitive to situational cues
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What is narcissm?
They think of higher of self than others
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What is symbolic interactionism?
Interpreting gestures of others in order to express oneself
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What is the spotlight effect?
Overestimation of others attention on ourselves
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What is the self-serving motive?
Wanting to feel good about ourselves
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What is the better than average effect?
Genuine belief that one is better
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What is the false consensus effect?
The overestimation of the no. of people sharing one's own view or undesirable characteristics
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What is the false uniqueness effect?
Underestimation of the no of people in possession of one's own desirable characteristics and overestimation of one's likelihood to do good
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What is the fundamental attribution error?
The inclination to look for dispositional rather than situational explanations for other's behaviour
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What is social role bias?
The insensitivity to the effect of roles
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What is assymetric insight illusion?
Most people think they know their friends better than their friends know them
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What is a stereotype?
The belief that attitudes of group members are found in many
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What is prejudice?
The negative evaluation of someone due to the stereotype
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What is discrimination?
Negative behaviour towards a prejudiced person
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What is realistic conflict theory?
Competition for resources are threatened so scapegoating happens and is worsened by strong emotions
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What is cognitive capacity theory?
Resorting to stereotypes due to a lack of time or information or time of day or emotions
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What is social learning theory?
Beliefs are strengthened by observing others
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What is social identity theory?
people classify other's characteristics and compare people to ourselves
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What is outgroup homogeneity?
Believing members of the outgroup are all the same
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What is ingroup heterogeneity?
Believing the ingroup is better
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What does group membership foster?
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What is the ultimate attribution bias?
Attributing an outgroup member's undesirable acts dispositionally but desirable acts to the situation
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What is self consciousness/ illusory discrimination?
Perception of being discriminated against is flawed and responses may elicit negative behaviours
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What is the overconfidence bias?y


A tendency to over-estimate one's accuracy/ability

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What is social perception?


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What is the primacy effect?


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What are schemas?


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