Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area

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How big is the parkland?
2,305,100 hectares
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What animals is the area known for? (and population of the animals)
Wildebeast (1.3 million), Gazelles (400,000), Zebra (200,000)
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Endangered species
African elephant, rhinos, hippos, giraffe
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How many bird species?
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Who lives in the park?
Nomadic herdsmen, the Masai Mara
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When was the Ngorongoro conservation area set up?
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Who many Masai Mara live in the 'NCA'?
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What were the Masai Mara forbidden to do?
Cultivate the land or build permanent settlements
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When did the Serengeti begin to decline
Late 1960 - early 1970
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What happened due to park rangers not being paid enough?
Elephant and Rhino populations were depleted by poachers as the rangers were ill-equipt
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What happened in the 1980s
The economic situation improved-tourism bloomed - more money for infrastructure and anti-poaching units
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Why are nomadic pastoralists threatened
They inhabit the fringes of protected areas and grazing land in these areas is becoming sparse
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Tanzania's birth rate and percentage population that lives below the poverty line
birth rate: 36 per 1000, Percentage in poverty: 36%
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What are TNC's doing that is causing an issue?
Offering incentives to villages to grow crops
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What plant is taking over overgrazed land?
Mexican prickly poppy
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What careers are the locals involved in
Wildlife management, tour guides, in hotels and transport
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How much land is Tanzania committed to protecting?
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What is Tanzania's main aim?
To preserve the countries rich, natural heritage and provide secure secure breeding ground for it's flora and fauna
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Why were community wildlife areas put in place?
In hope to curb illegal poaching, local people are encouraged to make decisions regarding these areas
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What are people around the edge of the park allowed to do and why?
They are allowed to do controlled hunting of game to control herds, prevent overpopulation and pressure on resources
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What animals is the area known for? (and population of the animals)


Wildebeast (1.3 million), Gazelles (400,000), Zebra (200,000)

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Endangered species


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How many bird species?


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Who lives in the park?


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