Russia in 1917

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1. Why was Franz Ferdinand murdered?

  • For Serbia's independence from Austria Hungary
  • For Italy's independence from Germany
  • For Austria Hungary's independence from Germany
  • For France's Independence from Russia
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2. Constitutionalists

  • Wanted to abolish the monarchy
  • Wanted the Tsar to rule alone
  • Wanted the Tsars power to be limited by a constituion and parliament
  • Wanted the Tsar to create a constitution

3. What caused the 1905 Revolution?

  • The death of the Tsar
  • A disregard of the poor
  • The Tsarinas reliance on Rasputin

4. Which countries made up the Triple Entente?

  • Britain, France and Russia
  • Germany, Serbia and Britain
  • Russia, Serbia and Italy
  • Germany, Austria Hungary and Italy

5. What does Soviet mean?

  • Committee or Council
  • Russian
  • Supporter of the Tsar


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