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What is a river drainage basin?
The area of land drained by a river and its tributaries
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What is the watershed?
The imaginary line between the drainage basins
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What is evaporation?
The process by which liquid water is transofrmed into water vapour
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What is infiltration?
The passage of water into the soil
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What is percolation?
The downward movement of water within the rock under the soil surface
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What is throughflow?
The water that moves down-slope through the subsoil, pulled by gravity
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what is stemflow?
The water that runs through the stems and branches of plants and trees to reach the ground
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What is groundwater flow?
The slowest trandfer of water through the drainage basin
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What is evapotranspiration?
The total amount of moisture removed by evaporation and transpiration
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What is interception?
The process by which raindrops are prevented from directly reaching the soil surface
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What is river discharge affected by?
1) Preciptation - the greater precipitation, the greater the discharge
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What is the watershed?


The imaginary line between the drainage basins

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What is evaporation?


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What is infiltration?


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What is percolation?


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