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2. In the Andes what are fold mountaions used for?

  • Farming, Tourism, Geothermal power and HEP
  • Farming, HEP, Tourism and Mining
  • Farming, Mining, HEP and Nuclear power
  • Farming, HEP and Tourism alone

3. Which of these facts on the Haiti earthquake are true?

  • The event measured at a magnitude of 7.2
  • 366,000 people died
  • 1 in 5 jobs were lost because of he earthquake
  • It happened on the 12th of February

4. Where are the Andes

  • Nepal
  • Peru
  • America
  • China

5. Which of these facts are correct if Yellowstone volcano erupts?

  • The volcano will instantly kill 80-90 thousand people
  • The ash will reach and effect britain within five days of the event
  • 70% of the worlds population will suffer from starvation
  • Cities up to 500 miles from the park would be covered by up to 3 feet of ash


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