restless earth

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gases and air around us
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the layer of water
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thin layer of living things on the crust
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the rocks of the crust and deeper towards core
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how we damaging atmosphere?
releasing CO2
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how we damaging hydrosphere?
using too much water in some places
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how we damaging biosphere?
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how we damaging geosphere?
using up fossil fuels
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continental crust?
land,low density,thick
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oceanic crust?
below ocean,thin,dense
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how do we know inside of earth is hot?
volcanoes,hot springs
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what is geothermal heat?
heat from inside of earth produced by radioactive decay in core and mantle.
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what moves tectonic plates due to geothermal heat?
convection currents
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earth surrounded by invisible magnetic field protects earth from harmful radiation from space or sun.
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continents were once joined together.
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what is plate boundary?
two plates meet
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constructive plate boundary?
two oceanic plates move apart from each other. then oceanic crust is forming in gap,magma injected between two plates cools to form ocean crust.
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hazards of constructive plate boundary?
small eathquakes becuase of friction when plates tear apart.
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destructive plate boundary?
ocean plate meets continental plate.moving towards eachother.
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hazards of destructive plate boundary?
earthquakes,tsunmai,explosive volcanoes
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conservative plate boundary?
two plates sliding past each other.
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hazards of conservative plate boundary?
destructive earthquakes,no volcanoes
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collision zone?
two continental plates meet move towards each other push upwards forming mountain.
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what is a volcanic explosivity index
measures destructive power of volcano from 1 to 8
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volcanic hazards?
lava flows,acid rain,landslides
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what causes tsunami?
as tsunami waves reach shore water becomes shallower.extra friction slows bottom of the wave down, causing water at top of wave to pile u,increased wave height.
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