Respiration - unit 4 biology AQA A-level

quiz about the chemical process of respiration, suitable for any a-level board but made for AQA biology unit 4 at A2 level :)

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1. At the end of the ETC, the protons are finally accepted by oxygen to produce water. This makes oxygen the...

  • Terminal proton acceptor
  • terminal electron acceptor
  • Terminal neutron acceptor
  • Terminal electron rejector
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2. In the ETC there are a series of electron carriers. As electrons are passed along them the electrons....

  • lose energy
  • gain energy

3. Where does the electron transport chain take place?

  • in the cytoplasm
  • in the mitochrondial cristae
  • in the mitochrondial matrix

4. Where does the link reaction & krebs cycle take place?

  • in the mitchrondial matrix
  • in the mitochrondial cristae
  • in the cytoplasm

5. The Krebs cycle is aided by which co-enzymes to catalyse the removal of hydrogen ions?

  • FAD only
  • FAD and NAD
  • NAD only
  • NAD and RAD


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