Respiration - unit 4 biology AQA A-level

quiz about the chemical process of respiration, suitable for any a-level board but made for AQA biology unit 4 at A2 level :)

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1. Which of these processes happens in all living cells?

  • the krebs cycle
  • glycolysis
  • phtosynthesis
  • the link reaction
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2. What is the correct sequence of processes for aerobic respiration?

  • electron transport chain > krebs cycle > link reaction > glycolysis
  • glycolysis > electron transport chain > link reaction > krebs cycle
  • glycolysis > link reaction > krebs cycle > electron transport chain
  • glycolysis > krebs cycle > link reaction > electron transport chain

3. What is the equipment for measuring the rate of respiration called and what is it based on?

  • Respiro-matic, based on how fast a duck can spin on its axis
  • Respirometer, based on measuring gas volume
  • Respirometer, based on measuring distance moved by an organism
  • Respiration meter, based on measuring uptake of mass

4. What are the end products of glycolysis?

  • pyruvate, ADP and Pi, NADP
  • triose phospate, ADP and Pi, NADP
  • pyruvate, ATP, NADPH
  • triose phospate, ATP, NADPH

5. Lactate produced by anaerobic respiration can be...

  • oxidised for aerobic respiration only
  • used to accept electrons in the electron transport chain
  • converted into glycogen or oxidised for aerobic respiration
  • converted into glycogen only


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