1. give the eqaution for anaerobic respiration

  • oxygen + water = glucose + energy
  • glucose + oxygen = energy + water + carbon dioxide
  • glucose = lactic acid + small amount of energy
  • glucose + water = energy + carbon dioxide
  • water = lactic acid + small amount of energy
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2. ___ is the addictive substance in cigrattes

  • niccotine
  • caffine

3. the circularitory system consists of :

  • the muscles, heart and cells
  • the lungs, heart and cells
  • the lungs, heart and muscle

4. give me an example of thing we need aerobic respiration for

  • Living things need energy to perform different tasks in order to survive. Aerobic respiration is a chemical reaction that transfers energy to cells. The waste products of aerobic respiration are carbon dioxide and water.
  • to make sure we are able to survive. Aerobic respiration allows our cells transfer to energy. The waste products of respiration are oxygen and glucose

5. the oxygen moves from the alveoli into the

  • blood
  • cilia


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