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6. Who argues that religion has a greater impact on party choice than class in the USA?

  • Lijphart
  • Lipset

7. Which of the following is not a factor in increasing dealignment?

  • rising education
  • decay of social cleavages
  • disillusionment with party politics
  • TV dominant medium
  • growing economy
  • convergence of party policies

8. What did John Adams say the House needed to be?

  • 'a portrait of the people at large in minature'
  • 'a reflection of the American people'

9. How much money does a candidate need to successfully run for Congress?

  • half a million dollars
  • quarter of a million dollars

10. What are Pitkin's three types of representation?

  • Descriptive, Substantive and Symbolic
  • Personal, Legal and Moral

11. What is measured by the Alford Index?

  • % of working class voting for the left - % of middle class voting for the left
  • % of people voting - % of people voting for the left

12. What does Swers say about women in Congress?

  • 'presence is only the first step'
  • 'impact requires more than presence'