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2. Who said religious experience was..."an expression of a persons psychological needs, the argument from personal experience is the one that is most convincing to those who claim to have had one. But it is the least convincing to anyone else"

  • Dawkins
  • Freud
  • Swinburne
  • Schleiermacher

3. What does Empiricism mean?

  • all knowledge comes from experience
  • existence is dependent on something else
  • God exists outside the material universe

4. What is a religious experience?

  • A non-empirical occurrence that may be seen as 'super natural'.
  • An experience of God or another religious being
  • Dreaming about religion

5. The cumulative argument is that...

  • All arguments for religious experience are more convincing together than alone
  • Several weak arguments do not make a strong one
  • Through accumulative surveillance of all arguments, none are convincing


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