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2. Which isn't a flaw to the argument?

  • There has been thousands of evidence universally
  • Drugs and alcohol influence
  • Freud psychological theory
  • In near death experiences, there could be a lack of oxygen to the brain, particularly the temporal lobe which is the centre for emotion

3. What does Empiricism mean?

  • all knowledge comes from experience
  • existence is dependent on something else
  • God exists outside the material universe

4. Jacob had a dream in which he had an Imaginery vision what did he see

  • Jacobs ladder
  • Jacobs stairs
  • Stairway to heaven

5. The cumulative argument is that...

  • All arguments for religious experience are more convincing together than alone
  • Several weak arguments do not make a strong one
  • Through accumulative surveillance of all arguments, none are convincing


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