Relationships- Parental Investment

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1. Cross cultural research in which males are more likely to engage in sexual relationships than females, females more distressed by emotional betrayal than sexual and vice versa

  • Mead
  • Buss
  • Clark and Hatfield
  • Geher
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2. Study that showed men invest equally in the college education of step children and biological children

  • Andersson et al.
  • Hargreaves
  • Gray and Silver
  • Buss

3. 96 American students approached by a stranger and asked to either go on date, go to apartment or engage in sexual activities. Equal numbers of m&f agree to date, 11x more males go to apartment and 75% of males agree to sex while no females do

  • Buss- Challenge Study
  • Clark and Hatfield- Support Study
  • Buss- Support Study
  • Clark and Hatfield- Challenge Study

4. Cuckoldry is...

  • Having more than one wife
  • The investments a male makes into his offspring
  • Investing in offspring that are not their own
  • The upbringing of your own children

5. Parental Investment is...

  • Strategies males and females use to ensure they pass their genes on and have healthy offspring.
  • Investments made by parents in offspring which increases offsprings chance of surving
  • Parents giving money to offspring


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