High Rope Bridge Study
Men on higher rope were more likely to call back. Associated with excitement
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Good News Bad News
Those who heard good news more likely the meet up with the Questioner
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Live by stairs= more likely to form relationships
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Same interests, self esteem
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College bag on head boy
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Explains why women stay in abusive relationships. Resources/Financial Security better than poverty.
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Says SET is socially bias. Only considers western culture.
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Clark and Mills
Romantic relationships should be dealt with with ecomic theories- these kind of relationships are more business.
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Supports Duck- after break up people are less distressed - perosnal growth.
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Men blame lack of sex for break up. Women blame lack of happiness for break up.
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Dunbar's Lonely Hearts
Dating column. Men look for fertility and youth. Women look for committment and markers of testosterone.
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Buss' Cross Cultural
Evidence for resources. Women=Resources Men=Looks
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Smith and Bond
Claimed Buss exagerrated his results in his corss cultural study.
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Clark and Hatfield's Campus Study
Evidence for committment. 0% women 75% men agreed to one night stand.
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Winston's T-shirt Study
Evidence for health. Pheramones. If you like their smeel, you'll have Major Histo Compatability Complex.
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Those who invest more inot their offspring will be more choosy in picking a partner.
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Supports Evo Expl with brian circuits for pair bonding. OXY/TEST/DOPE - voles.
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Hazan and Shaver
Love Quiz. Secure attachment as a child= long lasting adult relationship.
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Main et al
Lead on form H+S. Did Adult Attachment Interview. Parents parentes their children the same way they got treated.
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Berenson and Anderson
Support applicability of influence of child on rom. Found that abused children felt more comfortable when told they their abuster was a threat to them.
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Goes against calling influence of chil on rom 'deterministic.' He says you can 'break the cycle'
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Smith and Bond
Acuused cross cultural studies of having an 'imposed etic' - assuming that the average perosn is from the western culture
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Found marriage satisfaction was similar when comparing open USA and arranged India. Rated love differently.
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Gupta and Singh
Supported Myers. In India, those who married for love decreased after 5yrs. Those hwo arranged.. love increased
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Claimed Myers exagerrated results. He said different levels of arranged marriages. ALso always a level of aranged in Upper Class.
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Duck (relationships)
Claims that due ot sicial and legal expectation, marriage is more obligatory than we think.
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Those who heard good news more likely the meet up with the Questioner


Good News Bad News

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Live by stairs= more likely to form relationships


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Same interests, self esteem


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College bag on head boy


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