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2. list some of the ethical issues with relationship research

  • consent, vulnerability of participants, distress
  • vulnerability of participants, protection from harm, confidentiality
  • fully informed consent, confidentiality, privacy
  • deception, protection from harm, consent

3. What happens at the fourth stage?

  • re evaluating the relationship in a positive light
  • break up is seen as inevitable, it is made public and outside social support is recieved
  • communication between partners to patch up differences
  • stay friends

4. Women are said to what?

  • move on quicker than men and venture into new relationships sooner
  • want to get back together, not give up on relationship
  • more likely to stress unhappiness with relationship, want to stay friends with ex partner
  • show their anger and badmouth their ex partner

5. Who came up with the 6 processes of relationship breakdowns?

  • Byrne and Clore
  • Kohlberg
  • Rollie and Duck
  • Duck


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