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2. What happens at the 3rd stage?

  • social support and advice is recieved
  • accounts of relationship are made public
  • talking things through to see if the relationship can be saved
  • lack of skills and resources are to blame

3. list some of the ethical issues with relationship research

  • consent, vulnerability of participants, distress
  • deception, protection from harm, consent
  • vulnerability of participants, protection from harm, confidentiality
  • fully informed consent, confidentiality, privacy

4. what are the 5th and 6th stages of the model called

  • parasocial and evolutionary
  • grave dressing and resurrection
  • progression and mourning
  • growth and rebirth

5. Why are the breakdown of relationship models biased?

  • they tend to focus on marriages
  • they tend to focus on middle class white people
  • they tend to focus on relationships in non western cultures
  • they tend to focus on how women deal with the breakdown


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