Relationship breakdowns

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1. Boekhart asked students to rate reasons for males and females to be unfaithful, why are men said to have affairs?

  • for evolutionary reasons
  • for sexual reasons
  • for financial reasons
  • for emoional reasons
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2. What happens at the first stage?

  • personal growth
  • talking things through to see if relationship can be saved
  • disatisfaction with relationship (i can't stand this anymore)
  • divorce

3. Who came up with the 6 processes of relationship breakdowns?

  • Byrne and Clore
  • Rollie and Duck
  • Duck
  • Kohlberg

4. what happens at the 5th process?

  • time apart, to allow partners to think about the future of the relationship
  • confiding in closest friends and building a different future
  • relationship is put to rest, accounts are made public and finalised
  • relationship is discussed, a plan of reconciliation is made

5. Tashiro and Frazier found students who had recently broken up experienced emotional distress and personal growth. which stages does this support?

  • Grave dressing and Resurrection
  • Grave dressing and Social
  • Breakdown and Intrapsychic
  • Grave dressing and dyadic


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