Relationship breakdowns

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1. Boekhart asked students to rate reasons for males and females to be unfaithful, why are men said to have affairs?

  • for evolutionary reasons
  • for emoional reasons
  • for sexual reasons
  • for financial reasons
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2. What did Holt and Stone find about relationship satisfaction in long term relationships?

  • higher than couples who live within close proximity
  • normal as long as they speak everyday
  • normal as long as there are regular reunions
  • lower than couples who live within close proximity

3. Why are the breakdown of relationship models biased?

  • they tend to focus on middle class white people
  • they tend to focus on how women deal with the breakdown
  • they tend to focus on relationships in non western cultures
  • they tend to focus on marriages

4. What happens at the fourth stage?

  • re evaluating the relationship in a positive light
  • stay friends
  • break up is seen as inevitable, it is made public and outside social support is recieved
  • communication between partners to patch up differences

5. what are the first two processes?

  • breakdown and intrapsychic
  • dyadic and social
  • rewards and costs
  • support and loss


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