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2. What did Reagan do to improve the position of the USA in the world?

  • Attack all communist countries to look powerful
  • Leave the UN
  • Increase military spending
  • Decrease miltary spending so they looked more peaceful

3. What did SDI stand for?

  • Strategic Defence Initiative
  • Super Defensive Intelligence
  • Space Defence Initiative
  • Space Death Interest

4. How much did US militarty spending increase by from 1980 - 1989?

  • $100million to $200million
  • $3bn to $9bn
  • $500 million to $90bn
  • £3bn to £9bn

5. What did Reagan think of detente?

  • That it was bad for the USAs economy
  • That it was helping the USA to win the Cold War
  • That it propped up the USSR and needed to end
  • That it was a great idea that should be continued


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