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2. What is the formula for overheads in relation to revenue?

  • Sales/ overheads
  • Overheads/sales x100
  • Overheads x revenue
  • Overheads/revenue

3. What is the formula for gross profit markup?

  • Gross profit/sales x100
  • Gross profit/cost of sales
  • Gross profit/cost of sales x100
  • Gross profit/sales

4. What is the formula for the net current asset ratio?

  • Current assets/current liabilities x100
  • Current liabilities/current assets
  • Current assets/current liabilities
  • Current assets x current liabilities

5. What is formula for profit in relation to revenue?

  • Gross profit/salesx100
  • Operating profit/sales
  • Profit for the year before tax/sales x100
  • Operating profit/sales x100


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