Ratio Analysis

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Return on Capital Employed ROCE
(Profit before interest and tax/Net Capital Employed)x100
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Net Capital Employed
Equity+Non-current Liabilities OR Total Assets-Current Liabilities
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Gross Profit Margin
(Gross profit/Turnover)x100
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Net Profit Margin
(Net profit/Turnover)x100
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Asset Turnover Ratio
Turnover/Net Capital Employed
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Working Capital
Current Assets-Current Liabilities
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Current Ratio
Current Assets/Current Liabilities
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Acid Test Ratio
(Current Assets-Inventory)/Current Liabilities
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Working Capital Cycle
Receivables days+Inventory days-Payables days
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Trade Receivables days
(Trade Receivables/Turnover)x365
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Trade Payables days
(Trade Payables/Purchases)x365
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Inventory days
(Inventory of finished goods/Purchases)x365
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Leverage OR Debt/Equity Ratio D/E
(Debt Capital/Equity Capital)x100
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Gearing Ratio
(Debt Capital/(Equity Capital+Debt Capital))x100
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Interest Cover
Profit before interest and tax (PBIT)/Interest Expense
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Dividend Yield
(Annual Equity Dividend/Market Value of Equity Shares)x100
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Dividend Cover
Profit after tax and preference dividends/Annual equity dividend
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Return on Equity RoE
(Profit after tax and preference dividends/Shareholders interests)x100
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Shareholders Interests
Share Capital+Reserves+Retained Earnings
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Earnings per Share EPS
Profit after tax and preference dividends/Number of equity shares
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Price/Earnings Ratio P/E
Market price per share/Earnings per share
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Market to Book Ratio M/B
Market value of equity/Book value of equity
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Price per unit x Quantity
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Variable Costs
Variable cost per unit x Quantity
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Break even
Profit=0 and Fixed Costs=Quantity x (Price per unit - Variable cost per unit)
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Profit/Volume Ratio
(Contribution per unit/Revenue per unit)x100
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Percentage Margin of Safety
((Expected Sales-Breakeven sales)/Expected Sales)x100
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Equity+Non-current Liabilities OR Total Assets-Current Liabilities


Net Capital Employed

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(Gross profit/Turnover)x100


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(Net profit/Turnover)x100


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Turnover/Net Capital Employed


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