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2. how do you spot a good business

  • to see if u like it
  • see if it looks good
  • you look at how much it costs to keep it if you are happy with the kind of money it gets
  • how many people come into the shop in a day

3. should you get a business partner if you cant manige alone

  • less money for me
  • yes because then your business will be looked well after when you are off doing other things and it will stay afloat
  • no cost too much money
  • the business is mine just mine

4. should you keep your mind on your business at all time

  • never
  • yes so that your business could do well and no so that you can have a break
  • yes keep buysy
  • no too lazy

5. what do you risk when starting up a business

  • your carear
  • you risk your money and peoples jobs and your investment
  • your oppitunity
  • your personality


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