What does the Chronicle of Fredegar record?
Capture and execution of Queen Brunhild
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What does the Chronicle of Fredegar say about execution of Queen Brunhild?
"She was then torn to piees by the hooves and the pace of the galloping horse"
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Where does the Chronicle of Fredegar borrow the story of Brunhild's death from?
Life of Saint Columbanus
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What did Saint Columbanus command Brunhild's grandson Theuderic to do?
Abandon his concubines
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How does the Chronicle of Fredegar describe Brunhild's grandson concubines incident?
"the old serpent entered the mind of the king's grandmother Brunhild (as she was a second Jezebel)... In fact, she feared that if Theuderic had the concubines ejected and set a queen over the court, he would deprive her of the dignities and honors.."
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How did Gregory of Tours see Brunhild's role?
Legitimate part as an avenger of her sister
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When was Gregory of Tours writing?
Sixth century
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Where was Fredegar writing?
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When was Fredegar writing?
More than a generation later
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How was Brunhild viewed by the time of Fredegar?
Bloodthirsty and unscrupulous woman
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What was a difference between Gregory of Tours and Fredegar?
Fredegar knew how Brunhild's career ended - her murder at the hands of her nephew and the feud that rent Merovingian politics under her grandsons and nephew
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What sources did Fredegund have access to?
Queen pitted against Columbanus (Jonas' life of Columbanus) and pitted against Desiderius in Sisebut's life
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What do both the life of Columbanus and of Sisebut subsume Brunhild into?
Character of the biblical Jezebel
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Wife of Ahab, caused the death of prophets and holey men
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Which motif did Gregory of Tours find useful?
Vengeance motif
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Which idea did Fredegar use against Brunhild?
Idea of women as peacekeepers, recalled the catalogue of Brunhild's supposed murders
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What did Pauline Stafford view Brunhild as partly a victim of?
"the perennial need for scapegoats"
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What does Pauline Stafford see as the problem associated with Brunhild and Fredegund?
"Truth is distorted by bias, propaganda, gossip and sheer antifeminism"
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What could Brunhild's ability to cement international alliances not alter?
Fact that regency was not a right but a temporary privilege
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Visigothic princess
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How was Brunhild's kinship link with the Visigoths severed?
Murder of Liuva II in 603
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When was Brunhild born?
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Who sought Brunhildin marriage?
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When Sigibert married Brunhild what was he apparently continuing?
Austrasian tradition of foreign dynastic marriages
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When did Brunhild marry Sigibert?
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What happened regarding Brunhild's Arianism?
Swiftly abandoned it
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When did Childebert reach his majority?
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What happened to Brunhild's position when Childebert reached his majority?
Became a commanding one. Dispensed with tutor and took over guidance of her son
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What did Pope Gregory the Great praise Brunhild for?
"both the government of the realm and the education of your son"
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As a consort Brunhild, like other sixth century queens, probably used her influence in episcopal elections. Give an example, according to Venatius, of this.
Gregory of Tours himself
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Give a better documented example of Brunhild's influence at episcopal elections.
Intervened at Rodez in 584 - her influence invoked by Count Innocentius in power struggle in the nearbycity of Javois
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What did Brunhild's support do when Count Innocentius transferred his interests to the see of Rodex?
Secured him the bishopric in an election which had fierce competition
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What does Janet Nelson suggest about Brunhild's involvement regarding Count Innocentius at Rodez?
Continuing efforts to secure restitution of her sister Galswinth's morning-gift
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Could bishops achieve concerted action or moral reform without royal scholarship?
No, as Pope Gregory understood when he directed his appeals to Brunhild
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Where is the collaboration of queen, bishop and popea apparent?
Brunhild's foundations at Autun
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What does Janet Nelson say about Brunhild, from a modern day perspective?
"Brunhild then, had not been born bad, but nor had she exactly had badness thrust upon her."
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What does Janet Nelson remind about Brunhild, from the perspective of her near contemporaries?
"in the hagiographer's terms, she deserved her reputation and had indeed challenged the authority of a saint and opposed heavenly by earthly power"
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What did Gregory I write to Brunhild in November 602 regarding her foundation at Autun?
£we have indulged privileges to those places for the peace and protection of the inhabitants, as you wished.."
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Who were presented as 'good' Queens?
Clothild, AEthelberga, Saint AEthelthryth
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When did Clothild die?
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Who was Clothild married to?
Pagan king Clovis of the Franks
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When did Clovis die?
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Who encouraged Clovis to convert to Christianity?
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After the death of Clovis, where did Clothild go?
Became a nun in Tours
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Did Clothild remain politically active after the death of her husband?
Yes, not necessarily in a good way
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Who was AEthelberga?
Daughter of King AEthelberht of Kent
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Who did AEthelberga marry?
Pagan king Edwin of Northumbria
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When did Edwin of Northumbria die?
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The Pope wrote a letter to AEthelberga. What did it discuss?
Encouraged Edwin to convert
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How much does Bede tell us about AEthelberga?
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When did Saint AEthelthryth die?
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Who was AEthelthryth married to?
King Egfrith of Northumbria
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Did AEthelthryth consumate her marriage?
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After how many years of marriage did AEthelthryth become a nun at Coldingham?
12 years
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Where did Saint AEthelthryth go after being a nun at Coldingham?
Nun at Ely
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What needs to be considered regarding Saint AEthelthryth?
If she was actually a successful queen
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What does Gregory of Tours say that Clothild said about Clovis' gods in order to secure first son's baptism?
"The gods you worship are nothing, and they will be unable to help themselves or any one else."
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Did Clothild's second child die?
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What does Gregory of Tours describe Clothild as doing?
Asking saint Remi, bishop of Rheims, to summon Clovis and urge him to introduce king to word of salvation.
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What does Gregory of Tours say that Clovis said to Saint Remi?
"I gladly hear you, most holy father; but there remains one thing: the people who followv me cannot endure to abandon their gods; but I shall go and speak to them"
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What does Gregory of Tours say happened when Clovis went to speak to his people?
All the people cried out together, bishop rejoiced and bade them to ready the baptismal font
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What does Bede call the chapter about AEthelberga aiding the conversion of her husband?
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What does Pope Boniface advise AEthelberga to do?
"inflame the coldness of his heart b the knowledge of the Holy Ghost"
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What is another name for AEthelthryth?
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How does Bede describe AEthelthryth's viriginity?
"... that she had not been defiled by familiarity with men"
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According to which contemporary was Brunhild quite a good queen?
Gregory of Tours
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How does Gregory of Tours describe Brunhild?
"This young woman was elegant in all that she did, lovely to look at, chaste and decorous in her behaviour, wise in her generation and of good address."
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Who wrote flattering poetry about Brunhild?
Venatius Fortunatus
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What did the letters of praise from the Pope for Brunhild say?
Praised her support for the church and the mission to the Anglo-Saxons
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What makes a good queen?
Sources, approval, effective/successful
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'Good' Queen - Sources
Our sources clearly have very biased ideas about what makes a good queen
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'Good' Queen - Approval
Was there more to being a good queen than attracting the approval of churchmen and poets?
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'Good' Queen - Effective/Successful
The use of effective or successful might be better quantifiers
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Murder at whose command cut short the retirement of Chilperic I's repudiated wife Audovera?
Chilperic himself
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Whose consort was Fredegund?
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What happened to Chilperic?
Saw her enemies triumph and was exiled after her husband's death
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What is a notable contrast between Fredegund and her enemy, the Bishop of Rouen?
As Pauline Stafford lays out, he would always remain a bishop but once she lost the security of husband and son 'she lost all'
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What did Leudast accuse Fredegund of having done?
Committed adultery
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How is Fredegund's husband described as reacting to Leudast's adultery claims?
"relatively moderately" (Gradowicz-Pancer)
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How did Fredegund show independent power regarding Leudast?
Arranges his death
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How does Gregory of Tours describe the death of Leudast?
"fitting end"
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Why is it unsurprising that Gregory of Tours describes Leudast's death as fitting?
Gregory of Tours alleges that Leudast "began to accuse me falsely"
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Who were often victims of medieval society?
Widows and orphans as lacked the protection offered most effectively by family group
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Could Fredegund rely entirely on sexual power and seduction?
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What did Fredegund resort to?
Ecclesiastical protection and kinship when Chilperic died in 584
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How old was Fredegund's son when Chilperic died?
Barely four months old
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Who supported Fredegund in establishing the regency of her son?
Bishop of Paris and the nobility of the kinggdom
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What happened when Landeric fell in battle?
Fredegund took command of the army, following the tradition of earlier barbarian queens - led to victory
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Even though Fredegund would take an axe to kill troublemakers and personally administered poison to critics what did Fredegund prefer?
Delegate the murder of troublesome ecclesiasticals to others
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When did Fredegund come to terms with Gunthram?
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What were Fredegund's terms with Gunthram?
Accepted him as Clothar's godfather and protector
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When Fredegund died in 597 how old was she?
Probably no more than fifty years old
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What is the issue with the queen's initial offer to her husband of sexual services?
Could only serve as a powerbase as long as she retained affection
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Who is probably the best documented case of a king's passion giving a consort long term political significance?
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When did Clovis' son King Clothar I die?
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How was the kingdom divided after the death of Clothar I?
Between five sons who began squabbling
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Who were the half-brother ons of Clothar I who were fierce rivals?
Sigibert and Chilperic
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Who did Sigibert marry?
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Who did Chilperic marry?
Brunhild's sister Galswinth
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Who did Chilperic have murdered, before moving on to servant girl Fredegud?
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Was there hostility between Brunhild and Fredegund?
Yes, from the start
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How does Gregory of Tours portray Fredegund?
Savage, unhinged psychopath
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Why could Gregory of Tours not condemn Fredegund explicitly?
She was still alive when he wrote
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How does Gregory of Tours indirectly criticise Fredegund?
Relates a number of her actions and lets the facts speak for themselves. Compares her actions to those of brunhild
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When did the civil war between Sigibert and Chilperic reach climax?
575 when Chilperic and Fredegund trapped in Tournai
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What did two of Fredegund's men do to Sigibert?
Carried knives smeared with posion, pretended had something to discuss with him but instead struck him - died soon after
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What happened after the death of Sigibert?
Chilperic and Fredegund advance out of Tournai
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Did Chilperic and Fredegund treat Sigibert's body with respect?
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Confusion in Paris. Sigibert's nobles seized his son Childebert and proclaimed king. Who did they take Childebert away from?
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Who led Sigibert's nobles after his death?
Duke Gundovald
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What happened when Chilperic captured Paris?
Took Brunhild prisoner and exiled her
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Who married their aunt Brunhild
Chilperic's son Merovech
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What happened when Chilperic discovered Merovech had married Brunhild?
Separated them
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Where did Childebert's supporters capture?
Soissons, driving out Fredegund
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Whose fate might the queens have remembered?
Theudechild, widow of King Charibert
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Who was chief source for Brunhild's life up to 591?
Gregory of Tours
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Did Gregory of Tours have unfavourable comments to make about her?
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How does Gregory of Tours introduce Brunhild on her arrival at Sigibert's court?
"goodlooking and shrewd with a large dowry of treasure"
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What must be remembered about Gregory of Tour's view of Brunhild?
Must be set in literary as well as historical context
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How does Gregory of Tours describe Chilperic?
"the Nero and Herod of our time"
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How does Gregory of Tours see Fredegund?
Female counterpart of Chilperic, views negatively
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How does Gregory of Tours view Brunhild?
Avenger on the side of the angels
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Who was Theudechild?
Wife of Theudebert II of Austrasia
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From what position did Theudechild ascend the throne?
Position of royal concubine
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Theudebert II of Austrasia
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What happens after the death of Theudechild's husband (don't say who husband is)
Messengers sent from King Guntram asking for her hand in marriage - collected her positions and set out to join him
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What is Guntram said to have said when he saw Theudechild?
"It is better that this treasure should fall into my hands than that it should remain in the control of this woman who was unworthy of my brother's bed"
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What did Guntram do to Theudechild?
Seize most of her goods and sent her off to a nunnery
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Theudechild was seen by the abbess about to try to escape from nunnery. What happened?
She was beaten mercilessly and locked up in her cell; until she died
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Did becoming an abbess mean relinquishing power and influence?
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Give examples of abbesses
St Hilda of Whitby, St Bathild, Clothild
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Clothild - Royal Abbess
At Poiters. Not a saint but shows how coveted the role of abbess could be
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Who became the founder and abbess of the nunnery at Poiters after being repudiated?
Radegund, the wife of Clothat I
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Were women able to achieve prominence as abbesses of nunneries?
Yes, helping to shape contemporary culture
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When, in 10th century Germany, Otto II and Henry II wanted historical works lauding their dynasty, where did they turn?
Nunnery at Nordhausen
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Who did Otto II and Henry II want life of?
Queen Mathilda, female saint
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How could a woman transcend the 'weakness' of her sex and become, if not virilised, desexualised?
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Was the same literary and spiritual culture offered in monasteries to both men and women?
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What was significant about an abbess of a double monastery?
Exercise the political power which in the secular world was monopolised by men
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Despite the power a woman could hold as an abbess, what must be remembered?
Absence of any principle of matriarchy
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What countries comprise Scandinavia?
Norway, Denmark, Sweden
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Is much known about queenship as a political institution on the periphery of medieavl Europe?
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What came relatively late to Scandinavia?
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When was the first documented use of the Swedish term riddara (knight)?
Thirteenth century
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What can be suggested about prominence of noblewomen at Scandinavian courts?
Slow to develop
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How can the exercise of power be measured?
According to the use of 'potestas'
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Reconstructing what the queen did and determining what changes can enact
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How is fertility held up as one facet of female power?
Exerts lingering presence oer king and juidicial process
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How could fertility be used even once a queen was no longer bearing children
When other "children" petition the crown
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What are the best sources available for the study of medieval Denmark?
Diplomas, annals, chronicles and saints' lives
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What do diplomats provide evidence of Danish queens acting as?
Donors or receivers of land and aswitness to royal acts
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When is the Danish coin mentioning the name of a queen explicitly?
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What is significant about the mothers of the children of Sven Estriden?
Know that he had sons to number of women but know nothing about their fate
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Sven Estriden
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What does evidence from the 10th century onwards show about medieval Danishqueens?
Came from a wide variety of backgrounds, e.g. slavonic princesses
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What does one account say that Thyra Danebod (first half 10thc) ask for from Gorm for morning gift?
Whole of Denmark
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What was significant about morning gifts in old Scandavian laws?
Became maternal inheritance of children
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What was significant about Thyra Danebod asking for Denmark as morning gift?
One of her sons could be guaranteed the succession despite being an elective monarchy
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From what period is more known about the queens of Scandinavia?
13th century
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What has given some the idea that Scandinavian women were in a better position than other European medieval women?
Idea founded on Icelandic Sagas
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What does Pauline Stafford say about women?
"Women have usually stood half hidden in the wings of the historical pagaent... an acute problem in the early middle ages"
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What does Pauline Stafford say about the difficulties caused by sources?
"To bring the queens of the early Middle Ages into the light of day, let alone to give them life or comprehend their actions, is a task which our sources never make easy, often render impossible"
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What is the overwhelming impression given by sources of early medieval history?
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How are women often presented in sources?
Evil geniuses - bitterest taunts reserved for women who urge on rather than husbands who act
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What did male virtue become?
Female vice
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What do ecclesiastical writers cast queens and kings who oppose their heros as?
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What was one of the most important sources of images of male and female action, shaping mentalities?
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At the peak of "biblical kingship" in the early Carolingians, what did Charlemagne become?
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Who was portrayed as Eve the temptress
Judith (wife of Louis the Pious)
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Who were presented as Jezebels?
Brunhild and Bathild
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Where were lives often written?
Religious houses founded by queens - glorify founders so reflect methods of production
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What complicates the interpretation of lives of queens?
Propaganda purposes - did Radegund, Bathild and Matilda all wash feet of poor? Answer may be yes
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Is there a ring of circumstantial truth to detail of Matilda washing feet on Sundays?
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What is the problem with lives?
Cursory treatment of all but religious roles of subjects
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Who was the first life of Matilda written for?
Otto II, her grandson
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What is notable about the first life of Matilda, written for her grandson Otto II?
Shows more than normal delight at his birth
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What does the second life of Matilda allege?
Preference for her second son Henry
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Why does Matilda show preference for her second son Henry in the second life?
Henry was Henry II's own grandfather
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Was there a spate of family histories in Ottonian Germany?
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When does Pauline Stafford say that women were given a more prominent place in history?
When the security of the family, its unity and past mattered
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What was the Ottonian dynasty beset by problems related to?
A recent acquisition
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What did the tenth century lifeof Matilda use as a model?
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What is notable about the tenth century life of Matilda?
She rises from king's bed to pray at night but only after he is asleep and returns in morning - prayers do not interfere with conjugal duties
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What is there a strong influence of?
Gender theory
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What is a major theme?
Deconstruction the modern preconception of medieval queens as largely passive figures dependent on male support
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Did queens have a constitutional position?
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Although queens did not have a constitutional position, what must be remembered?
Non-royal male nobles in similar position
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Were queens like Brunhild and Fredegund playing a male power game?
Should it be considered a male power game - or is the issue of class important
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What does Dorsey Armstrong argue?
Bede marginalises queens in order to represent them without power and influence
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What does Augustine find when arrives in Kent?
King AEthelberht already has some knowledge of Christianity - Frankish wife called Bertha
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What is said about King AEthelberht's marriage to Bertha?
"received her from her parents on condition that she should be allowed to practice her faith and religion unhindered"
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What do holy queens in Bede's Ecclesiastical History function as?
Catalyst for conversion of husband which eventually or sometimes immediately leads to conversion of kingdom
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What does Dorsey Armstrong suggest the recurrence of model of conversion regarding catalyst effec of queen suggest?
Royal women in early England or at least the England of Bede's text yielded a considerable degree of power and influence
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What does James Campbell say about role of queens in Bede?
"It is a question of how far what appears to be the more purely historical parts of the Ecclesiastical History are affected by [Bede's] didactic purposes. These purposes certainly determined his selection of subject matter."
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What is it clear about Bede's work?
Meant to be copied and widely disseminated as propaganda for English church
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How does Bede help the aim of getting attention of ordinary men and women?
Accounts of miracles
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After initially pointing toAEthelberg as the cause of Edwin's conversion what does Bede do?
Shifts the focus away from her
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What does an analysis of the conversion of Edwin suggest?
Choosing events and acting selectively in order to teach a particular lesson to his audience
198 of 244
Although marriage of Edwin and AEthelburh is identified as critical point on conversion is it he climax?
No, it is the beginning of Christianization when Edwin promises to be tolerant of wife's faith and consider possibility
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Who is significant in the conversion of Edwin?
Paulinus, AEthelburh's bishop who had accompanied her to Nortumbria
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Apart from Edwin's betrothal vow, what is the participation of AEthelburh?
Gives birth to a child; it is Paulinus who convinces Edwin to have the child consecrated to Christ in thanks for a safe delivery
201 of 244
How does Boniface follow his predecessors?
Regards the king as the linchpin of conversion
202 of 244
When Boniface offered AEthelburh the achievement of the conversion of Northumbria through the agency of her husbad, what does this show?
Regards it as inconceivable that she should play any overt and public part in the conversion of the nation
203 of 244
Where was AEthelberh meant to function?
Private sphere
204 of 244
Do we get to find out from Bede more about AEthelberh's role in conversion of husband?
No and it is possible that the letter from Pope to her was included as from Pope not because to her; she acts as a facilitator
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In each of the Christian princess/pagan king narratives what does Bede explicitly call attention to?
Presence of holy queens when discussing conversion of Northumbrians, Middle Angles, South Saxons and the Kentish people
206 of 244
What does a close analysis of Bede's use of queens show?
As conversion narratives progress, the role played by the queen diminishes, until disappear altogether
207 of 244
What does Bede show about kings in his writing by reducing influence of queen?
Kings chose to accept baptism because of their new-found belief in Christianity, not because of marriage to a Christian quen
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How do Anglo-Saxon calendars, litanies and various other texts describe women, ex-queens or royal widows who retired to monasteries?
Scta Eormenhild virg or scta Sexburga virg
209 of 244
In which Anglo-Saxon well-born women was power respected and praised in?
Virgins (unmarried and haing taken veil) or 'honorary' virgins
210 of 244
Were numerous English monastic foundations set up or led by women who, as a result of marital status (poss. exception of AEthelthryth) could not have been virgins?
211 of 244
Why were women called virgins in texts?
Definining widows and kings wives emphasise they had done their job as women and had children
212 of 244
How does Aldhelm describe choice of chastity, which was akin to that of Mary Magdalene?
"virginity of the soul"
213 of 244
From the fourth century onwards at least, what did Christian society link the concept of virginity to?
Virgin Mary
214 of 244
Who commended the state of virginity as chastity in relation to nuns and widows?
Jerome and Gregory of Nyssa
215 of 244
Name a woman who was described as coming equal to a man?
the virgin Macrina
216 of 244
Who were the most highly praised women?
Those who behaved like a man in spiritual terms, in their religious life and spiritual ascetism
217 of 244
Jerome allowed his disciples Melania, Paula and Eustochium to direct other women but would he have suggested them acting as men in worldy context?
218 of 244
what was said about Hild?
"so great was her prudence that not only ordinary people but also kings and princes sometimes sought and received her counsel when in difficulties"
219 of 244
Do Merovingian sources often identify by name the wives and daughters of great men?
No, rarely do so
220 of 244
In the seventh century, how many Frankish queens are known to have begun careers as slaves?
Four - Bilichild and Theudechild (concubines), Nanthild (royal slave), Balthild
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Balthild, wife of Clovis II, was so attractive suitors overlooked her servile origin, how was she characterised by biographer?
"beautiful, clever and of strong character"
222 of 244
As a queen did Balthild forget her own humble background?
No - took an active interest in improving the condition of slaves, prohibiting sale of Christian slaves and personally purchased freedom of many slaves
223 of 244
When was Saint Balthild forced to retire to Chelles?
224 of 244
Did women have the right to assume guardianship her fatherless children'?
Yes but on lower levels of society some widows relinquished right and remarried, leaving children with dead husband's relaties
225 of 244
What does Suzanne Fonay Wemple say about the power of queens
"contingent on the careful exploitation of personal ties. Whatever their origin, high born or slave, women who married kings gained access to the male world of politics and power"
226 of 244
What happened when Balthild overstepped the traditional female role of accomodation?
Magnates turned against her and ensured that she would not exert influence over her son
227 of 244
What does Janet Nelson say it is important to stress regarding queens?
"queens are not typical of women in this or any other period"
228 of 244
Why did the number of sixth-century women's houses remain low?
Could not readily be accommodated to the requirements of aristocratic families - mother of Rusticula who had entered convent at Arles: "I look at the possessions of our house.... and whom I shall leave it all to, I don't know"
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Is there any evidence that Merovingian queens underwent any special inauguration ritual aside from marriage ritual?
No evidence
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In Gaul what was the succession?
Filial succession - only way queen could secure position was to produce a surviving son
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What was the age of majority in Gaul?
232 of 244
When Clovis died late in 657 Balthild as queen mother had a good claim to regency, but what allowed her to make the claim effective?
Established friendships, especially with Genesius
233 of 244
What does Ewig say that Balthild had attempted?
' a structural change in the Merovingian church"
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How did Brunhild defy a group of armed enemies?
viriliter 'like a man'
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While a king might win or confirm power on battlefield, where did he exercise it?
The hall - this was the prime area of queen's activity
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Whose identity escapes us?
237 of 244
How does Stafford describe the pivotal role of the king's wife?
"magnified by the status of royal dynasties and extended by the fraught politics of royal succession"
238 of 244
Did an English queen ever become regent for a minor son?
239 of 244
What does Poulet stress about the fact that queens swore no coronation oath?
Left their power helpfully undefined but allowed them no effective claims to deference except as royal wives and mothers
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A few widows and some repudiated wives returned to their native home, best protection outside of marriage. What did Emma say about that?
"My enemies glory that I have neither brother, relative nor friend to help me"
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Who offered exiled royal widows nunneries as places of refuge?
Charlemagne and Charles the Bald
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Where did most queens retire, willingly or not?
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Did all royal widows who retired to nunneries take the veil?
No. Gregory of Tours describes Clotild at Tours as "devoted to God", not "Consecrated to GOd" as a nun
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What does the Chronicle of Fredegar say about execution of Queen Brunhild?


"She was then torn to piees by the hooves and the pace of the galloping horse"

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Where does the Chronicle of Fredegar borrow the story of Brunhild's death from?


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What did Saint Columbanus command Brunhild's grandson Theuderic to do?


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How does the Chronicle of Fredegar describe Brunhild's grandson concubines incident?


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