Psychosexual stages

What age does the oral stage start?
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At what age does the anal stage start?
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At what age does the phallic stage start?
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Are the ages set in stone or a guideline?
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When does sexual energy start to develop?
From birth
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Where a stage is completed and all sexual energy has been used up that was necessary
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When a stage is not resolved
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What is required to create a balanced personality after fixation has occurred?
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What is the first psychosexual stage?
The oral stage
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Where is the source of pleasure in the oral stage?
The mouth
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Where the child gets pleasure from nursing and sucking
Oral stage
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What part of the tripartite personality structure is being used during the oral stage?
The Id
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What does the length of time spent in the oral stage depend on?
Time spent nursing
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What is a characteristic in adult life of oral fixation?
Smoking and over eating
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What can an orally fixated person's personality be like?
Greedy and dependent
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What is the second stage of psychosexual development?
The anal stage
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Where is the centre of pleasure for the anal stage?
The anus
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The child focuses on potty-training, faeces and bowel movements
The anal stage
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As a result of fixation the person is very messy and unorganised
Anally expulsive
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As a result of fixation the person is very organised and obsessed with being tidy
Anally retentive
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The third psychosexual stage
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Focus of pleasure during the phallic stage
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What stage does the gender identity develop?
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What stage does the ego, conscience and superego develop?
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A mythical creature that killed his father and married his mother
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Another explanation of the sexual problems of 4 year old's and their parents that Freud was hearing about
Child abuse
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During the phallic stage the father is seen as a..
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Where young boys focus their sexual energy onto their mother and see their father as a threat for their mothers affectin
Oedipus complex
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Where a boy is frightened that his father will punish him for his feelings towards his mother through cutting off his penis
Castration fear
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Where in the phallic stage the boy identifies with his father in order to become him and thus possess his mother without fearing his father or feeling guilty
Resolution and ego ideal
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A boy taking on his fathers beliefs and values, in doing so he creates a superego, a gender identity and an ego ideal
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Did Freud develop the electra complex?
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Where girls have feelings for their fathers and understand that they do not have a penis.
Electra complex
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Where girls are jealous of their father and others penis', they feel less worthy without one and so focus on their father as they think he can get her one or a substitute
Penis envy
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What complex is stronger- electra or oedipus?
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In the electra complex, what is a substitute for a penis?
A baby
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What could girls in the electra complex want instead of a penis?
Male power
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Where a girl tries to become her mother so she can have her father and thus develops an ego, superego, gender identity and conscience
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Inappropriate sexual behaviour or gender identity and incapable of loving another person as a result of..
Fixation in phallic stage
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As a result of fixation a person is reckless, vain, proud and self assured
Phallic character
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What stage doesn't have a focus of sexual energy?
Latency stage
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In this stage a child focuses on school and having same sex friends
Latency period
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The fifth stage of psychosexual development
Genital stage
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When does the genital stage start?
With puberty
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The focus of pleasure during the genital stage
The genitals
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What can develop in the genital stage as a result of fixation in the phallic stage according to freud
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The stage where heterosexual friendships and relationships develop
Genital stage
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