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2. Why is ineffective parenting a risk factor?

  • Confuses internal needs, child seeks greater control
  • Child doesn't want to seek help
  • It's not. Peers are a greater risk factor in influencing.
  • Influences their future parenting

3. What did Becker find when TV was introduced to Fiji?

  • Body views changed & greater desire to lose weight
  • Greater desire to put on weight
  • They objected to the Western 'ideal'
  • Wanted to make more Western channels available to them

4. What percentage of 15-18 year old girls currently diet in the UK?

  • 32%
  • 16%
  • 5%
  • 29%

5. What can dieting amongst peers lead to?

  • Controlled dieting with effective outcomes
  • Continued negative attitudes towards weight
  • Unhealthy weight control behaviours (Diet Pills)
  • Jealousy and fall-outs


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