Psychology Eating Disorders Biological and Evolutionary Hypothesis

Biological explanations of eating disorders and evolutionary hypothesis

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1. What do we use to test the evolutionary hypothesis instead?

  • Knowledge, fossil evidence, teeth, digestive system of skeletons
  • History
  • Common knowledge and scientific discoveries from previous studies
  • The behavioural approach
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2. What is ghrelin?

  • Satiety centre
  • Feeding centre
  • A hormone located in the stomach which makes you feel hungry
  • Hormone telling you you're full

3. Rats and humans eat

  • More tasty food and less when we are in company
  • More tastier food than less tasty food and we eat more when we are in company
  • Less tasty food and not as much in company
  • We don't eat

4. At what stage does morning sickness occur?

  • After you are pregnant
  • Early stages of pregnancy
  • Late stages of pregnancy
  • During pregnancy

5. As food leaves the stomach a hormone called CCK is released. What does this do?

  • Acts like the lateral hypothalamus
  • Induces satiety and can also act as a hunger suppressant (opposite of ghrelin)
  • Makes you hungry
  • Feeding centre


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