Psychology Eating Disorders Biological and Evolutionary Hypothesis

Biological explanations of eating disorders and evolutionary hypothesis

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1. What are the five senses?

  • Sweet, sour, salt, bitter
  • Sweet, sour, salt, bitter, umami
  • Touch, smell, taste, hear, see
  • Sweet, sour, tragus, salt
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2. What does the hormone leptin do?

  • Satiety centre
  • Tells us we are full
  • Signal to brain telling you you're full
  • Opposite of hunger

3. This model suggests we have a homeostatic perception of hunger and satiety

  • Dual centre model of feeding
  • Feeding centre
  • Reproductive system
  • Stress model

4. Cummings did a study to show...

  • Hypothalamus role in hunger
  • Satiety signals
  • There was a relationship between production of ghrelin and hunger
  • Ob mice got fat after taking away leptin

5. What role does the hypothalamus play in eating?

  • Signal to brain telling you you're full
  • Feeding centre
  • Regulates homeostasis and acts like a thermostat to hunger in starting/stopping eating behaviour
  • Satiety centre


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