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2. Which study found that when aerophobics went through 12 weeks of SD, they all experienced less somatic and psychological effects to a flight stimulation apart from 2 participants?

  • Ohman et al.
  • Langevin
  • Capafons et al.
  • McGrath et al.

3. What is logical disputing?

  • Challenging irrational thoughts based on upon the idea that these thoughts are not useful
  • Challenging irrational thoughts based on logic
  • Irrational thoughts aren't consistent with reality

4. What did Alloy and Abraham find?

  • Those with disorders were accurate in their predictions of the likelihood of an natural disaster
  • 52% success rate using just CBT and 85% success rate of CBT and drug treatment

5. Limitation of SD

  • Instead of removing symptoms, the symptoms are just substituted for new symptoms which then must be treated also
  • Takes too long to carry out, disorders may need to be immediately treated


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