Psychological Treatment of Phobic disorders

Systematic desensitisation and CBT

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1. Advantage of CBT

  • Could be considered a holistic treatment as it tackles both irrational thoughts and the behaviour that occurs as a result
  • More effective than SD
  • Is effective immediately
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2. What did McGrath et al. find?

  • 75% of patients responded well to SD
  • After 12 weeks of SD, aerophobics somatic and psychological effects were reduced during a flight simulation apart from 2 participants
  • There's no evidence to support substitution of symptoms in SD

3. Which study suggested that there was no evidence of substitution of symptoms

  • Langevin
  • McGrath et al.
  • Ohman et al.
  • Capafons et al.

4. Which study found that when aerophobics went through 12 weeks of SD, they all experienced less somatic and psychological effects to a flight stimulation apart from 2 participants?

  • Langevin
  • Capafons et al.
  • Ohman et al.
  • McGrath et al.

5. An issue of CBT

  • Involves lots of cognitive processes on the part of the patient this may be inappropriate for those with severe learning difficulties or severe phobic disorders, unlike SD which may be more appropriate reducing CBT's population validity
  • SD is more effective in treating phobias
  • Unable to treat phobias based on evolutionary survival factors


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