Psychological Treatment of Phobic disorders

Systematic desensitisation and CBT


1. What did Alloy and Abraham find?

  • Those with disorders were accurate in their predictions of the likelihood of an natural disaster
  • 52% success rate using just CBT and 85% success rate of CBT and drug treatment
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2. An issue of CBT

  • Unable to treat phobias based on evolutionary survival factors
  • Involves lots of cognitive processes on the part of the patient this may be inappropriate for those with severe learning difficulties or severe phobic disorders, unlike SD which may be more appropriate reducing CBT's population validity
  • SD is more effective in treating phobias

3. Limitation of SD

  • Instead of removing symptoms, the symptoms are just substituted for new symptoms which then must be treated also
  • Takes too long to carry out, disorders may need to be immediately treated

4. Which study found that when aerophobics went through 12 weeks of SD, they all experienced less somatic and psychological effects to a flight stimulation apart from 2 participants?

  • Capafons et al.
  • Langevin
  • McGrath et al.
  • Ohman et al.

5. What is logical disputing?

  • Challenging irrational thoughts based on upon the idea that these thoughts are not useful
  • Challenging irrational thoughts based on logic
  • Irrational thoughts aren't consistent with reality


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