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Advantages of ABS:
It's a electrical insulator; tough; available in many colours
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Where is ABS mainly used?
Electrical insulating products and product cases (like Kettle bodies)
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What are the 3 stages of Sustainability?
Extraction and processing of the raw materials; the production processes and disposal of product after their useful lifespan is over
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What are the main 3 freeous metals?
Cast iron, mild steel and carbon steel
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Properties of Mild steel?
Ductile, touch, easy to machine, high tensile strength
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Properties of High carbon steel?
Properties can be improved by heat treating
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Properties of Acrylic?
Stiff, hard, durable, electircal insulator
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Properties of HDPE?
Chemical resistant, impact resistant, Flexible
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Properties of LDPE?
Good electircal insulator; flexible
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Properties of PVC?
Weather reistant; chemical resistant; stiff; hard; tough
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Properties of Polystyrene?
Tough, hard, chemical resistant
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Uses of ABS?
Mobile phones, safely helmets;
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Process of making a product in Glass reinforced plastics:
Mould > Release agent sprayed onto mould > Gel coat in mould > resin put in > cures overnight
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Where is carbon fibre useful?
Aircraft; sports equiptment and race car as it's light
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What is MDF mainly made from?
Wood waste
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What is a Quality Assurance system?
Used by manufacturer to monitor the quality of product from Design to development stage. Ensure product is of good end quality.
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What stages exist where QA may be used in?
Preperation; processing of mateirals; assembly; finishing
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Advantages of Oak?
Hard, tough, works well, durable
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Disadvantages of Oak?
Exspensive, heavy, prone to splitting
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Advantages of Mahogany?
Easy to work; durable; Finishes well
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Disadvantages of Mahogany?
Grain can be variable; prone to warping;
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Uses of Oak?
Garden furniture; construction;
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Uses of Mahogany?
Furniture; veneers; floorboards
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Uses of Beech?
Workshop benches; school desks; furniture;
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Advantages of Beech?
Physically hard; tough; polishes well;
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Disadvantages of Beech?
Prone to warping; diffucult to work; not useful outside applications
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How is plywood made?
Layers of veneer that are glued togehter (bounded together)
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What are shape memory alloys?
A material which can be deformed and will reform back to it's orginal state by heat/electrical input.
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What are disadvantages to Shape memory alloys?
Expensive, not very strong
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What do photochromic paints do?
Change colour according to lighting conditions
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What is tapping?
Putting a thread into a hole
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How is the friction on a rotating shaft reduced?
Bearings are used as they allow shafts to spin more freely
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What is a disadvantageous to bushings?
They wear over time
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Characteristics of a Pear-shaped cam?
Rise and fall times are identical
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Characteristics of a Circular cam
Simplest type of cam, has smooth rise and fall, constant acceleration,
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Where are Circular cams used?
Fuel pumps
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Characteristics of a heart shaped cams?
Symetrical cams which produce continous motion
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Where are heart shaped cams used?
Sewing machines and wind relay coils
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Characteristics of a snail cams?
Generate output with a uniform acceleration and retardation
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What is casting?
Pouring or forcing of molten metal into a cavity then allowing it to cool.
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Advantages of Sand casting
Cheap; complex shapes easily made; large components can be produced
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Advantages of Die Casting
High production rate; good overall surface finish; Cheap in big runes
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Disadvantages of Sand casting?
Moulds can only be used once; labour intensive
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Disadvantages of Die casting?
High setup costs; long lead time; limited sizes;
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Advantages of Blow moulding?
Complex shapes can be made; hollow shapes can be made
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Advantages of Injection moulding?
Ideal for mass production; cheap supplies; very precise
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Advantages of Vacuum forming?
Ideal for batch production; cheap; easy to make moulds;
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Disadvantages of Blow moulding?
High startup costs
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Disadvantages of Injection moulding?
Moulds expensive; high startup cost
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Disadvantages of Vacuum forming?
Mould needs to be very accurate; large amount of waste produce
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Advantages of PVA?
Strong bond when joining wood; and paper and card
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Advantages of Epoxy-resin?
Very strong; waterproof; heat and chemical reisstance;
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Advantages of hot melt glue?
Good for model making; quick to harden
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Disadvantages of PVA?
Can take
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Disadvantages of Epoxy?
Takes time to cure; requires a resin and catalyst (2 elements)
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Disadvantages of hot melt glue?
Can burn with contact on skin
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Uses of PVA?
Wood joints
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Uses of epoxy?
Anything (aircrafts; boats; skis)
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Uses of hot melt glue?
Model making
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What is a hacksaw used for?
All metals
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What is a Junior hacksaw used for?
Small general purpose metal saw
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What materials are cut in a Lathe?
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What materials are cut in a Router?
Wood and Foam
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What materials are cut in a Milling machine?
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What materials are cut in a Laser cutter?
Plastic, wood and ard
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Applications of Lathes?
Product accurate and complex shapes
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Applications of Routers?
Used for block modelling; and can cut both 2d and 3d shapes
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Applications of Milling machines?
Work well in industry to tight tolerances
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Applications of Laser cutters?
No clamping of materials needed; can cut both complex and basic shapes
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Where is quality control done?
During or right after production
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Where is ABS mainly used?


Electrical insulating products and product cases (like Kettle bodies)

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What are the main 3 freeous metals?


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Properties of Mild steel?


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