Power and conflict poems

PTSD and a sence of guilt
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Honour and dishonour
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The weather killing them
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Poverty in london
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The Emigree
Bieng forced out of your home country due to war.
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Bayonet charge
Going over the top
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Abuse of power
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Storm on the island
Power of the weather (Power of Nature)
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Remains Key Quotation
His Bloody life in my bloody hands, I see every round as it rips through his life, Probibly armed possibly not, His here in my head when I close my eyes dug behind enemy lines
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Exposure Key quotations
But nothing happens, This ice east winds that knife us, Tonight this frost will fasten on this mud and us, War lasts rain soaks and clouds sag stormy
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Kamikaze Key quotations
Her father emarked a sunrise, A shavend head full of powerfull incantations, A one-way journey into hisotry, Little fishijng boats strung out like bunting on a green translucent sea, My mother never spoke in my presance again
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Bayonet charge key quotations
His terror touch dynomite, Suddenly he awakoe and was running
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London key quotations
I wander thoruggh each charterd street, In every cry of every man, Runs in blood down palace walls, Marrige herse, The mind forged manicals, Chimney sweepers cry
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The Emigree Key quotations
Brightfilled paperweight, There was once a country i left as a child, They accuse me.. They circle me..They mutter death, Sick with tryants
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Ozymandias key quotations
Nothing beside remains, Sneer and cold command, The lone and level sand streches far away
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Storm on the island key quotations
We are prepared, Spits like a tame cat turned savag
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