Poverty&Public health

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1. What were the 3 houses?

  • Support house, poor house, House of Correction
  • Work hosue, Pentioners house, house of correction
  • work house, poor house, house of correction
  • Work house, poor house, House of Criminals
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2. Speenhamland system?

  • Change of support depending on the price of bread and the number of children
  • each family would be given a picnic basket every sunday.
  • Each family would get a certain amount of meat depending on the families number
  • Once a month eavh Parish would hold a buffet for all families

3. Who was responsible for paupers?

  • The Parishes
  • The government
  • They were responsible for themselves
  • The Towns priest.

4. How was the event caused?

  • No one cleaning up after animals
  • Not completeing chores
  • Overflowing Cess pits
  • Bad Hygeine routine

5. What was the Gilberts Act?

  • Allowed parishes to join into unions
  • support for children
  • Gilbert was the first to be an overseeker of the poor
  • a new kind of support


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