Poverty&Public health

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1. What was the Gilberts Act?

  • a new kind of support
  • support for children
  • Allowed parishes to join into unions
  • Gilbert was the first to be an overseeker of the poor
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2. What was the governemtns attitude in C19?

  • They needed to find the solution to end poverty
  • poverty wasnt their responsibillity
  • They were desperate to solve poverty
  • Poverty was all there fault

3. What year were the SETTLEMENT ACTS?

  • 1655,1865
  • 1662.1697
  • 1664,1689
  • 1568,1998

4. What was the Workhouse test?

  • To see how desperate the person needed support
  • To see which part of the workhouse would suit them best
  • Health and safety
  • to see if their IQ was high enough to work in the Workhouse

5. What is outdoor relief?

  • Support for people who couldnt afford to go into the workhouse
  • support for poor who couldnt afford food
  • Support for poor in their own homes
  • support for the homeless


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