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2. Why did most parishes continue with Out door relief?

  • easier
  • more beneficial for them
  • Cheaper
  • More popular

3. Who are the Undeserving?

  • Men
  • Beggers/Criminals
  • Hard working people
  • Elderly

4. 3 problems with the old law?

  • Not everyone belonged to the parish, Parishes were greedy, The government wouldnt fund 3 houses.
  • No consistent system, not all parishes could afford 3 houses, could be corrupt
  • The government wouldnt allow all parishes to have 3 houses, People didnt like the law, they can find a way out
  • no constant system, not all parishes had enough people to fill a workshouse, could be corrupt

5. What were the 3 houses?

  • Support house, poor house, House of Correction
  • Work hosue, Pentioners house, house of correction
  • work house, poor house, house of correction
  • Work house, poor house, House of Criminals


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