Poverty&Public health

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1. What were the 3 houses?

  • work house, poor house, house of correction
  • Work house, poor house, House of Criminals
  • Support house, poor house, House of Correction
  • Work hosue, Pentioners house, house of correction
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2. Who are the Undeserving?

  • Elderly
  • Beggers/Criminals
  • Men
  • Hard working people

3. What was the 2nd settlement act?

  • each family could claim up to 3 houses in their parish
  • Each new family could claim £20 from each parish
  • Settlement certificate is needed
  • Parishes could only accept 12 families

4. What does ABSOLUTE poverty mean?

  • All parishes
  • Lack of income and cant meet basic needs
  • people in the work house
  • Has some money and are able to buy basic needs

5. who are the DESERVING poor?

  • Criminals
  • Elderly, Children and sick
  • all adults
  • Pregnant women


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