Poverty&Public health

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1. What does RELATIVE poverty mean?

  • Less than 70% average income
  • Less than 25% average income
  • Less than 60% average income
  • Less than 10% average income
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2. How was the event caused?

  • Not completeing chores
  • Bad Hygeine routine
  • Overflowing Cess pits
  • No one cleaning up after animals

3. what does PROVENANCE mean?

  • Origins of the source
  • Importance of the source
  • How useful the source is
  • The Class the source is aimed at

4. What were the 3 houses?

  • Work hosue, Pentioners house, house of correction
  • Work house, poor house, House of Criminals
  • work house, poor house, house of correction
  • Support house, poor house, House of Correction

5. What was the Workhouse test?

  • To see which part of the workhouse would suit them best
  • To see how desperate the person needed support
  • to see if their IQ was high enough to work in the Workhouse
  • Health and safety


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