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What do Fundamentalists believe?
That everything in the Bible happened literally
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What do Liberals believe?
That all the Bible's stories are myths and that God can not break the laws of science
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What do Humanists believe?
They have no belief in religion or God
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Where was Jesus born?
In Bethlehem
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Define Disciple
A follower
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Define Apostle
A messanger sent out with an important message
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How was John related to Jesus?
They were cousins
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Define miracle
A wondeful event that humans can't scientifically explain
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Name the 4 types of miracles
Healing Illness, Casting out demons, Nature and Raising to life
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Give examples of 4 miracles
Man with a skin disease, widow's son, Dumb man with a demon and feeding of the 5000
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What do Realists/Naturalists believe?
They believe in God and science
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Define Parable
An earthly story with a heavenly meaning
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What were the 4 main groups of people around the time of Jesus
Pharisees, Sadducees, Romans and Zealots
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Name the 3 main people that could be mostly to blame for Jesus' death
Jesus himself, God andThe high priest and Sanhedrin
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Who were the ruling council at the time of Jesus
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Who were outcasts at the time of Jesus?
Lepers, tax collectotrs etc
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How did Jesus treat outcasts?
He treated them normally and this led to people disliking him
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What is blashemy?
Using the Lords name in vain
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Who was the Roman Governor of Palestine?
Pontius Pilate
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Why is the Resurrection important to Christians today?
As it gives hope of eternal life
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What do Liberals believe?


That all the Bible's stories are myths and that God can not break the laws of science

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What do Humanists believe?


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Where was Jesus born?


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Define Disciple


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