When we two parted
"Pale grew thy cheek and cold" - Symbolises a corpse, shows there love is dead
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Loves Philosophy
"Winds of heaven mix forever" - Divine imagery, shows god made them to be together
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Porphria's Lover
"The sullen wind was soon awake" - Personification suggesting that character is seeing hallucinations
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Eden rock
"They are waiting for me somewhere beyond Eden Rock" - Suggests parents are dead and in heaven due to religious imagery
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"Board shadow" - Shows connotations of a warrior or solider
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Mother, any distance
"Space-walk through empty bedrooms" - Shows connotations of the unknown and fear
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Winter swans
"Like a pair of wings settling after flight" - Simile that suggests the resolve in there relationship
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Singh song
"My bride" - Shows he still has excitement in his relationship
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Climbing my grandfather
"The slow pulse of his good heart" - Enjambment shows that his grandfather is a good man
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Neutral tones
"Few leaves lay on the starving sod" - personification shows connotations of feeling alone and in pain
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Before you were mine
"Relics...ghost" - Suggests that her life wont be coming back
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Sonnet 29
"I all alone beweep my outcast state" - Imperfect speech shows connotations of extreme depression
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The farmers bride
"We chased her, flying like a hare" - Imagery and animalism shows she is afraid and weak
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Walking away
"Half-fledged thing" - Animal imagery of a bird that is not ready to fly
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Letters from yorkshire
"Feeding words into a blank screen" - Emotive language shows how the countryside is a better place
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Loves Philosophy


"Winds of heaven mix forever" - Divine imagery, shows god made them to be together

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Porphria's Lover


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Eden rock


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