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2. What are hydraulics used for in every day life?

  • Car Breaking systems,car jacks, manufacturing, deployment of landing gear.
  • Collecting metal

3. What is the iris ad what's its role in the eye?

  • It is the coloured part of the eye, it controls the intensity of light entering the eye.
  • It is the coloured part of the eye; and does most of the eyes focusing.

4. Where are images formed?

  • On the retina, which is covered in light sensitive cells. These cells detect light and send signals to the brain to be interpreted.
  • On the lens.
  • On the cornea.
  • On the iris.

5. Pressure in a liquid...

  • Is transmitted equally in all directions.
  • Is transmitted un equally in all dircetions
  • Is transmitted equally in different directions.


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