Physics 1 topic 1

Solar system, waves, reflection & refraction, lenses, simple & reflecting telescopes

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1. In which type of wave are the vibrations in the same direction a s the wave is travelling?

  • Longitudinal
  • Transverse
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2. What does convex mean?

  • Flat
  • Bulging outwards
  • Caving inwards

3. What is a real image?

  • Where light from an object comes together to form an image on a screen
  • Where the rays are diverging so the light from the object appears to be coming from a different place (e.g. a refection in a mirror)

4. Why are space telescopes better than telescopes on earth?

  • Because they're bigger so can see more
  • Because They aren't obstructed by our lights, pollution and atmosphere
  • They aren't

5. Where do the rays hitting the lens parallel tot he axis meet?

  • At the focal point
  • At the meeting point
  • On the otherside of the lens
  • They don't meet


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