Physics 1 topic 1

Solar system, waves, reflection & refraction, lenses, simple & reflecting telescopes

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1. The angle of reflection is.....

  • Equal to the angle of incidence
  • Half the angle of incidence
  • Double the angle of incidence
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2. Why can we see planets?

  • Because they're big
  • Because they're bright
  • Because they reflect sunlight
  • Because they produce visible light

3. What is the wavelength?

  • The height of the waves
  • The distance from one peak to the next
  • The number of waves per second

4. Why does light reflect?

  • Because it wants to
  • Because of a change in density between mediums
  • Because it hits a medium

5. What is a refracting telescope made up of?

  • An objective lens and an eyepiece lens
  • A concave mirror and an eyepiece lens


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