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1. What is terminal velocity?

  • The lowest speed reached by a falling object
  • The consistent speed of an object
  • The constant maximum speed reached by a falling object
  • The final speed reached by a falling object
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2. What is the total of all forces on an object called?

  • The resultant force
  • The total force
  • The force
  • The combinational force

3. What is friction?

  • Evil
  • A force between two moving surfaces
  • The energy an object has whilst moving
  • A force that occurs when something moves

4. What are reaction forces?

  • Forces that take place at the same time
  • Forces that are opposite
  • Forces that are opposite and equal
  • Forces that are equal

5. What happens in all energy transfers?

  • Some energy is created
  • Some energy remains the same
  • Some energy is changed into heat energy
  • Some energy is destroyed



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