My daily routine

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¿Qué haces por la mañana?
What do you do in the morning?
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Por la mañana...
In the morning...
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me despierto
I wake up
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me levanto
I get up
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me ducho
I shower
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me peino
I comb my hair
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me visto
I get dressed
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I have breakfast
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voy al instituto
I go to school
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¿Qué haces por la tarde?
What do you do in the evening?
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Por la tarde...
In the evening...
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hago mis deberes
I do my homework
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I have supper
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veo la televisión
I watch TV
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me lavo los dientes
I brush my teeth
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me acuesto
I go to bed
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In the morning...


Por la mañana...

Card 3


I wake up


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Card 4


I get up


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Card 5


I shower


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