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6. What is a Phaser?

  • Creates a 'whooshing' effect
  • creates an echo effect
  • harmonises the melody

7. Sonata has 3 main sections

  • Arch, Theme, Variation
  • Exposition, Development, Recapitualtion
  • Binary, Ternary, Rondo

8. what is RECAPULATION?

  • When the composer shows off his tune before the beggining
  • Where the composer repeats the music of the exposition in a slightly different way. Very often the composer adds a coda to round off the movement
  • Where the music of the exposition is slip into 3 parts and re harmonised

9. What is Theme and Variations?

  • Starting a piece of music with a certain melody/theme, then repeating it several times but changing it slightly
  • In 3/4 time. Dance Music . slow

10. Sforzando

  • sudden strong accent
  • fit the melody
  • short and detatched
  • to fit the harmony

11. p

  • piano-quiet
  • pianissimo-very quiet

12. Turn

  • swap nce to next highest note. then back to originl. then next highest note. then back to original.
  • One note higher. Then back to orih=ginal. Then one note lower. Then back to original.
  • One note higher. then back to original. then one note higher. then one note lower.

13. Legato means to play...

  • smoothly (slur)
  • short and detachted
  • moderate speed
  • fast speed

14. mp

  • mezzopiano-fairly quiet
  • mezzoforte-fairly loud
  • pian-quiet

15. Mordent, trill and turn are just some of the ways of...

  • Ornamentation
  • Articulation

16. Minuet and Trio means...

  • Every verse and chorus is differnt in music and words
  • In 3/4 time. Dance Music . slow. The trio forms the middle section (b) of a ternary (a b a) followed by a repeat of the minuet (a) . thin texture
  • Contains verses, choruses, intros nd outros/bridges

17. Higher Mordent means...

  • swap once with next highest note
  • swap once with next lowest note

18. Arch shape form is..

  • A B C B A form
  • A B B C B A form

19. Pop Songs..

  • Contain: Verses, shoruses, intros and outros, fills/bridge
  • Starts with a 3/4 time signature
  • Fills the Sound with a reverb

20. Strophic means...

  • when the same music is repeated for different verses in a song. Pop songs are strphic
  • New music for each verse and chorus of a song, the music develops or reflects the original