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6. Pop Songs..

  • Fills the Sound with a reverb
  • Contain: Verses, shoruses, intros and outros, fills/bridge
  • Starts with a 3/4 time signature

7. Acciaccatura means...

  • to fit the harmony
  • steals half the value
  • adds half the value

8. pp

  • pianissimo-very quiet
  • piano-quiet

9. Mordent, trill and turn are just some of the ways of...

  • Ornamentation
  • Articulation

10. Lower Mordent Means...

  • swap once with next lowest note
  • swap once with next highest note

11. Higher Mordent means...

  • swap once with next highest note
  • swap once with next lowest note

12. What form is Ternary

  • A B A A
  • A B A
  • A B B A A C

13. What does an Accent do?

  • tells you not to play anote
  • tells you to emphasise the a note
  • tells you to quietly play a note

14. What is Triadic?

  • repeated melody
  • Uses only notes that belong to a triad
  • a melodic phrase
  • follows the order of a particular scale

15. Rondo Form is...

  • A B A C A D....form
  • A B A B A C A D...form

16. What is Disjunct?

  • Uses notes of a harmony
  • Leaps in the melody
  • Follows a sequence
  • No leaps in the melody

17. Sonata has 3 main sections

  • Arch, Theme, Variation
  • Exposition, Development, Recapitualtion
  • Binary, Ternary, Rondo

18. p

  • piano-quiet
  • pianissimo-very quiet

19. What is Ostinato

  • a repeated pattern/melody
  • to fit the harmony
  • swap between 2 notes
  • swap between notes quickly

20. What is EXPOSITION?

  • Where the composer presents the tunes they are going to use
  • when the music is put into different keys or developed
  • where the composer repeats the peice of music