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6. pp

  • pianissimo-very quiet
  • piano-quiet

7. What is a Phaser?

  • Creates a 'whooshing' effect
  • creates an echo effect
  • harmonises the melody

8. What is Ostinato

  • a repeated pattern/melody
  • to fit the harmony
  • swap between 2 notes
  • swap between notes quickly

9. What is structure and form?

  • The way a peice of music is set out
  • The way a peice of music is played

10. What is distortion

  • It distorts the sound
  • Reverbs the sound
  • Changes the sound's harmony

11. Articulation means...

  • how to ply the melody
  • how to play the harmony
  • how to play the trill

12. Mordent, trill and turn are just some of the ways of...

  • Ornamentation
  • Articulation

13. Strophic means...

  • when the same music is repeated for different verses in a song. Pop songs are strphic
  • New music for each verse and chorus of a song, the music develops or reflects the original

14. What is DEVELOPMENT?

  • Where the music of exposition is put intt 3 different keys
  • Changing the harmony and melody
  • Where the music of the expositon is put into 2 different keys, or it is changed/developed in some way

15. Rondo Form is...

  • A B A C A D....form
  • A B A B A C A D...form

16. What is EXPOSITION?

  • where the composer repeats the peice of music
  • Where the composer presents the tunes they are going to use
  • when the music is put into different keys or developed

17. Pitch Shifting is...

  • creates octaves above the note of the melody
  • used to bend the natural note or add another harmony
  • creates octaves below

18. Acciaccatura means...

  • to fit the harmony
  • steals half the value
  • adds half the value

19. Trill means...

  • swap between two notes quickly
  • swap once to next highest note
  • swap once to next lowest note
  • how to play the melody

20. What is a chorus

  • creates a slightly delayed copy of the original sound and combines the two making it sound like there's more than one player
  • creates octaves above or below the note being played
  • creates a whooshing effect