Molecules of life Quiz [B3]

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1. Who discovered the structure of DNA?

  • Francis Crick and James Watson
  • Rosalind Franklin and James Watson
  • Maurice Wilkins and Francis Crick
  • Rosalind Franklin and Francis Crick
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2. Which evidence was used to show DNA was a double helix?

  • X-Ray crystallography
  • Experiments on samples of DNA
  • X-Ray chrylliography
  • Samples of DNA enlarged with a microscope

3. Where are proteins made?

  • In the cytoplasm
  • In the cell membrane
  • In the nucleus
  • In mitochondris

4. Which base always joins C in DNA?

  • G
  • V
  • K
  • C

5. Who discovered that there were equal numbers of A and T bases in DNA?

  • Erwin Chargaff
  • Euan Chargriff
  • Ewan Chargaff
  • Erwin Chargraff


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