Menstrual cycle and hormones

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Where is FSH produced and what does it cause?
Produced in pituitary gland and causes egg to mature in one of the ovaries.
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What does FSH stimulate?
Ovaries to produce oestrogen.
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Where is oestrogen produced and what does it cause?
Produced in ovaries and causes pituitary gland to produce LH and the uterus lining to thicken.
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What does oestrogen inhibit/prevent?
Further release of FSH.
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Where is LH produced ?
Pituitary gland.
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What does the LH cause?
The release of the egg from the ovaries on the middle day of the menstrual cycle (day 14)- Ovulation
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Where does FSH go?
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Where does oestrogen go?
Uterus and pituitary gland.
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Where does LH go?
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What are birth control pills made of?
Oestrogen and progesterone as they stop the releasing of FSH and so eggs will not mature.
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What is given to a mother undergoing IVF?
FSH and LH so many eggs are produced then they are collected from the mother.
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What happens to eggs in the lab undergoing IVF?
Fertilised using fathers sperm and left to grow up to a ball of cells where one or two embryos are inserted into mothers uterus to grow furthermore.
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What are hormones?
Chemical messengers released by endocrine glands which travel in the blood to their target organs.
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What does auxin do in phototropism?
Produced in tip of shoot and moves to the opposite side of the suns rays which causes shoot cells to elongate and bend towards the sun.
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Geotropism needed in plants?
Causes roots of plants to grow downwards which will lead them to water and minerals in the soil.
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What does FSH stimulate?


Ovaries to produce oestrogen.

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Where is oestrogen produced and what does it cause?


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What does oestrogen inhibit/prevent?


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Where is LH produced ?


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