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2. Who owns what if a photograph is commissioned?

  • The photographer. The person who commissioned the photo and/or is in the photo owns moral rights.
  • The person who commissioned owns everything.
  • The photographer owns everything.
  • The person who commissioned the photo owns copyright. The photographer owns moral rights

3. What is a preliminary hearing?

  • A hearing, before it is decided if someone will be charged.
  • A hearing, before a warrant can be issued.
  • A hearing, usually at a magistrates court before any trial.
  • A hearing, at a police station before any trial.

4. What can you publish when writing a book review?

  • Nothing at all from the book.
  • Up to 20% extracts, with correct acknowledgment.
  • Up to 5% extracts, with correct acknowledgment.
  • The front cover photo, with correct acknowledgment.

5. What makes it illegal to publish a photograph taken in court?

  • Section 46 of the Criminal Justice Act 1959
  • Section 41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1926
  • Section 51 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998
  • Section 87 of the Criminal Justice Act 1996


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