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1. The card verification value (CVV) on a credit card is most likely to be required for which of the following transactions?

  • paying for music downloads online
  • paying in store abroad
  • buying groceries in the supermarket
  • paying at a travel agent
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2. Which of the following represents an emotional risk?

  • investing on the stock market
  • going bungee jumping
  • trusting your family
  • failing to repay debt

3. which stage of the personal life cycle is someone most likely to be risk averse?

  • old age
  • young adult
  • child hood
  • mature adult

4. On average, people in the UK are living longer than previously.

  • economic trend
  • a demographic change
  • the unexpected influence
  • a social benefit

5. Which of the following forms of borrowing usually has the lowest interest rate?

  • credit card
  • store card
  • personal loan
  • authorised overdraft


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