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1. One of the strategies that companies may use in relation to a 'Dog' product, or in the decline stage of the product life cycle, is harvesting. Which of the answers below best defines ‘harvesting’?

  • d) Reducing investment to allowing the product to fade away, and taking the profits in the meantime
  • c) Redeveloping the product and reaping the profits
  • b) Positioning the product in a new segment for profit
  • a) Re-launching the product for long term profits
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2. Evaluating progress is part of which stage of the marketing process?

  • c) Implementation
  • d) Control
  • a) Analysis
  • b) Planning

3. Faced with unknown levels of perceived risk when buying an expensive item, consumers are likely to? 1. Seek additional information 2. Rely on word of mouth 3. Look at alternatives / substitutes 4. Take more time before making a purchase decision

  • d) All of them
  • a) 1, 2
  • c) None of them
  • b) 3,4

4. Galaxy Sports have successfully maintained sales and profits in the footwear market by changing both the target market and the basis of its appeal in this market. This is an example of:

  • c) Brand repositioning
  • b) Brand extension
  • a) Brand stretching
  • d) Brand equity

5. Gainville, an expert in fostering customer community, engages customers at a deep, emotional level, and has been ranked one of the Breakaway Brands by the brand consultancy Kendell Associates. Gainville is most likely positioned on ________.

  • b) Basic product attributes
  • c) Strong beliefs and values
  • d) Service variability
  • a) Self-image enhancement


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