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2. Evaluating progress is part of which stage of the marketing process?

  • b) Planning
  • d) Control
  • c) Implementation
  • a) Analysis

3. Which of the following marketing strategies should Jean most likely recommend to an automobile dealer interested in opening a dealership in Essex?

  • c) One-to-one marketing
  • b) Direct marketing
  • d) Undifferentiated marketing
  • a) Segmented marketing

4. Which of the following service characteristics results in variability of service quality yet provides the opportunity for customising services to match the specific needs of individual customers?

  • d) Inseparability
  • c) Intangibility
  • b) Heterogeneity
  • a) Homogeneity

5. Galaxy Sports have successfully maintained sales and profits in the footwear market by changing both the target market and the basis of its appeal in this market. This is an example of:

  • c) Brand repositioning
  • a) Brand stretching
  • d) Brand equity
  • b) Brand extension


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