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1. A direct distribution channel from manufacturer to user is most appropriate where the goods being sold have which of the following characteristics? 1. Low unit cost 2. High unit cost 3. Low technical content 4. High technical content 5. Geographical

  • c) 2,3,5
  • b) 1,3,5
  • a) 2,4,5
  • d) 1,4,5
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2. When consumers are highly involved with an expensive, infrequent, or risky purchase but see little difference among brands, they most likely will exhibit ________.

  • c) Impulse buying behaviour
  • b) Dissonance-reducing buying behaviour
  • d) Complex buying behaviour
  • a) Habitual buying behaviour

3. Cool Dairy, an ice-cream maker, launches an ad campaign that shows that its products have lower fat content than the frozen dessert products promoted by Dreamland, its main competitor. This is best described as an attempt at ________.

  • b) Reducing pressure from substitute products
  • a) Counteracting increased bargaining power of suppliers
  • c) Negating the threat of new entrants
  • d) Neutralising increased bargaining power of buyers

4. ________ involves actually distinguishing the firm's market offering to create superior customer value.

  • c) Differentiation
  • b) Market segmentation
  • a) Diversifying
  • d) Targeting

5. The major characteristic of a private brand is that

  • d) Wholesalers encourage producers to make the product available
  • c) Producers become involved with the marketing mix
  • b) Manufacturers are not identified on the product
  • a) Only retailers initiate and own the brand


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